Getting ready to get scared

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I know that I have been engaging in fear p0rn, so I apologize for that. Sometimes I fall victim to the hype. After all, my brain is just as susceptible to the propaganda as anyone else. Hopefully none of the speculation will come true, even it will only be a narrative backed by fake imagery.

Propaganda is so powerful, it can be difficult to defend oneself from it. Here’s a video of an audio I’ve played and linked to before that reminds us of that.

h/t Jan Erik

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3 thoughts on “Getting ready to get scared

  1. tsisageya

    P.S. It’s not just about politics and media propaganda (though it is), it’s about technology and the direction the money-MEN take. “Oh Let’s go over here in this direction.” The sheeple say, okay. Let’s do that.


  2. tsisageya

    No, don’t be scared. I fell for it for a time. Ugh. I’m disgusted with myself. I actually voted for that man and I was actually proud. I’m ashamed of that. I’m ashamed of so much.

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