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CGI, doubles, and Paul

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All our favorite deception techniques are used in reverse. Of course I believe that they’ll just use Paul Walker to film the rest if it wasn’t already in the can, since I doubt anything has happened to him.

Walker, who had begun filming on the seventh installment in the franchise, was killed in a car crash in November last year.

Studio bosses decided to press ahead with shooting, and will complete Walker’s scenes using body doubles and voice effects.

A source revealed to the New York Daily News: ‘They have hired four actors with bodies very similar to Paul’s physique and they will be used for movement and as a base.

‘Paul’s face and voice will be used on top using CGI.’

via Paul Walker Fast and Furious 7 scenes ‘to be completed with CGI’ | Metro News.

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Look who’s talking

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Who’s speaking? We know that the puppet isn’t, but isn’t it amazing how eager we are to beLIEve the puppet is talking?

Do you find your mind ever drifts into believing the puppet is real?

Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy at the Orson Welles AFI Life Achievement Award – YouTube.

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MH370 hoax going strong

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CIA news network in orgasm mode over this latest hoax. Even our favorite hoax organization is about to jump in and help. Paging Chris Hadfield — suit up, time to go back up and find da plane!

The U.S. space agency, spurred by China’s find, says it could be taking images within day

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Controlled demolition Friday

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Update 3/22: link fixed (youtube error)

Nice slo-mo action.

We have this video to reinforce that the WTC, all 9 buildings, were demolished by a company as capable as CDI as a controlled demolition. No, you didn’t see it on 9/11. What you saw was their representation of what a plane hitting a building causing small fires to weaken steel and collapse a building might look like, using some of their Hollywool movie demo techniques. This is NOT what Richard Gage is saying BTW. More on that Saturday.

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