MH370 hoax going strong

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CIA news network in orgasm mode over this latest hoax. Even our favorite hoax organization is about to jump in and help. Paging Chris Hadfield — suit up, time to go back up and find da plane!

The U.S. space agency, spurred by China’s find, says it could be taking images within day – Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News.

9 thoughts on “MH370 hoax going strong

  1. Carys

    One year on.

    Mathematicians think they’ve worked out what happened to Flight MH370…

    Now an international team of researchers has used mathematical modelling to come up with an explanation for why no wreckage from the crash has ever been found.

    In a report published in Notices of the American Mathematical Society, a team of researchers used computer simulations to compare five scenarios of water entry. Based on their calculations, they conclude the plane took a vertical nosedive into the Southern Indian Ocean.

  2. JohnnyClues

    Update On The MH370 (ahem) Hoax

    “Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will be found, expert says”…

    A few highlights from the above “story”

    – “I have absolute confidence it will be found. It will take time, but it will be found,”
    oceanographer Chari Pattiaratchi told CBC News.

    – Flight MH370 went missing en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. After an extensive search,
    pings from the Boeing 777’s black boxes were detected from the seafloor in an area of the
    Indian Ocean about 1,600 kilometres northwest of Perth, Australia. However, no signals new
    have been heard since April 8.

    – Robotic submarines have since been sent to search the seafloor. However, a first attempt was
    stopped after the sub went past its depth limit of 4.5 kilometres, and a second attempt was
    cut short by technical problems this week.

    – “The important thing to remember is that the depth is a challenge, but the biggest challenge
    has been overcome,” he said. “We have found the pings … that is proof beyond doubt that the
    plane is there.”

    – One of the challenges in this search is that the submarines are working at the limit of the
    depth they can handle, Pattiaratchi said. At that depth, the pressure experienced by the subs
    is 450 times the pressure at the surface.

    – That also means if any bodies are found in the wreckage, they will have been crushed beyond
    recognition – something the families of the passengers should be prepared for, Pattiaratchi said.

    – Even if the sub were working all the time, it would still take up to 30 days to cover the entire
    search area, he estimated.

    – “If we don’t find wreckage,” he added, “we stop, we regroup, we reconsider.”

  3. khammad

    The MH370 hoax is bothering me. I get the feeling that they are testing the audience to see how far media speculation will go before the audience tunes out.

    Here are a few of the notions about the disappearance of MH370: hijacked for secret cargo, lost in Bermuda Triangle, sucked into rogue black hole, hidden behind cloaking technology, stolen by pilots to be used a 911-type bomb, turned into zombie plane, etc.

    Holy shit people, really? The fact that these notions made it onto primetime bothers me. To me, this is like the media asking people not to believe what the media is reporting.

    Now why would they do that?


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