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  1. tsisageya

    I guess you could say that I’m in denial but trying not to be. I try to believe in something better.

      1. tsisageya

        I’m sorry, Jim. I guess I’m freaking out, finally. Today I watched a cop helmet-video of a homeless guy in the hills of Albuquerque. I shouldn’t have watched that murder of a homeless person. It really screwed me up. I don’t want to see these, more and more, abominable and obscene , things. These are obscenities! The police shot this man in the back. I assume it’s real. Then, when he was down, they shot him some more, then put the DOG on him, then handcuffed him.

        All this alarmist talk of police behavior has been made real to me.

        Isn’t it a sign, when you shoot a man in the back, of cowardice? Isn’t that the old trope? I know, THEY can show what they want and call it real, including this. That’s the deal, isn’t it? Us peons can never know what is real so let’s just give up.

        But, no. I will never give up, no matter how much my paradigm shifts.


  2. Jim Hollander

    I forgot to credit anonjedi2 of the clues forum… I didn’t know this would be a topic… but this comment made me search for all these pics…

    “I am noticing something very strange about this event which is the attempt to humanize an airplane. It’s as if we should all have feelings for the airplane itself. There are so many photos of signs such as “pray for MH370” or “Come home, MH370.” It’s bizarre. “


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