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      1. tsisageya

        I’m sorry, Jim. I guess I’m freaking out, finally. Today I watched a cop helmet-video of a homeless guy in the hills of Albuquerque. I shouldn’t have watched that murder of a homeless person. It really screwed me up. I don’t want to see these, more and more, abominable and obscene , things. These are obscenities! The police shot this man in the back. I assume it’s real. Then, when he was down, they shot him some more, then put the DOG on him, then handcuffed him.

        All this alarmist talk of police behavior has been made real to me.

        Isn’t it a sign, when you shoot a man in the back, of cowardice? Isn’t that the old trope? I know, THEY can show what they want and call it real, including this. That’s the deal, isn’t it? Us peons can never know what is real so let’s just give up.

        But, no. I will never give up, no matter how much my paradigm shifts.


  1. Jim Hollander

    I forgot to credit anonjedi2 of the clues forum… I didn’t know this would be a topic… but this comment made me search for all these pics…

    “I am noticing something very strange about this event which is the attempt to humanize an airplane. It’s as if we should all have feelings for the airplane itself. There are so many photos of signs such as “pray for MH370” or “Come home, MH370.” It’s bizarre. “

  2. columjaddica

    I never understood the relevance of the “Keep calm and blah blah” meme anyways? I understand it’s an old war poster or something but I just don’t get what’s so clever about it and how it took social media by storm?

    1. Jim Hollander

      I saw it first with MH370 then when I went to my brothers house the “keep calm” meme was on a birthday card on his fridge. I, honestly, still don’t understand it.

        1. Tom

          Apparently it was designed during the blitz but was only discovered and took-off as a ‘thing’ a few years ago.

          The basic message is, ” CARRY ON -(despite the shit) ”
          It has a crown on it – linking it with monarchy.

          That should be enough to understand what it’s about, I think. In a time of ‘crisis’ there is the Crown – reassuring you – like a boss.

          The crown isn’t there on many variations but we see perhaps how this is just the invisible hand speaking to us.

        2. Tom

          Yes, Colum, ( re. memes being placed) like the popular use of hashtag on Twitter maybe?

          I found this interesting as to the origin in Urban Dictionary:-
          ‘Some believe it began when the broken plane luckily landed in the Hudson River in early 2009, some Twitter user wrote a post and added #flight1549 to it. I have no idea who this person was, but somebody else would have read it and when he posted something about the incident, added #flight1549 to HIS tweet. For something like this, where tweets would have been flying fast and furiously, it wouldn’t have taken long for this hash tag to go viral and suddenly thousands of people posting about it would have added it to their tweets as well. Then, if you wanted info on the situation, you could do a search on “#flight1549? and see everything that people had written about it.’

          Two leaning uprights and a double strike across? I dunno, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s meant as a subliminal. It means money too of course.

          # probably didn’t emerge organically.

  3. Jim Hollander

    I don’t why but I’ve been reminded of on of my favourite childhood songs… oh oh I know why because it’s been pushed in my face… still good song for me… it won’t be good if you have taste.

    Now I will be listening to James ( what a name!) for the rest of the the day.

  4. Jim Hollander

    I am attending the Hong Kong Sevens next weekend, I wonder if I will have to take part in a minute of silence. Also, since half of the the crowd dress up, will one be brave enough to come as MH370?

  5. tsisageya

    No. No. Sorry this is not real. I refuse and rebuke it. This is satire. What, are you guys on facebook where everything is believed? Stop.

    You would have to shove this into my very hands before I would believe it. Go ahead, shove my nose in it. I truly want you to.

      1. tsisageya

        Jim, I will try to speak more clearly. I refuse to believe that humans would stoop to this level. This is truly bullshit. At the very least, it’s satire. I can go with satire. This is ridiculous though. Cut it out.

        (Yes, I know what I’m saying. Humans do, and have done, what they always do.

        Not all humans, though. One, in particular, comes to mind.)


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