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Say “they” and you’re labeled “them”

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Using “they” when explaining “those” that control us is dangerous when trying to explain the Nutwork.


This reminds me of the whole “they” argument you get into with people when even the most fundamental conspiracy facts are introduced into a conversation.”There is no ‘they’! What are you talking about? Show me who ‘they’ are!” etc.

So I start trying to explain.

However, if they came back that strong it’s usually a lost cause that time around. Their mind’s made up and I’ve been labelled one of “them” oddly enough…this time “they” meaning a conspiracy nut, a grouping that’s been stamped with public and media approval. Never the controlling cabal. Again, that bitch Miss-Direction. (Need a cartoon of that one..)

“An overruling hierarchy of power mad, ruthless manipulators steering world events? No way!” And so “they” get their way.

Talk about controlled opposition. It’s endemic to the fabric of the entire matrix.

via The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition | Zen Gardner.

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Dare to debunk

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We have a few sites that link to us. Here’s one that starts off quite positive, but then the shills set in and get quite negative on september clues.

There’s nothing wrong with reading the negative and using the dialectic process to determine what’s true for your view.

Simon’s work can easily withstand the “debunking”. Most of it is ad hominem attacks that serve to distract. It is far easier to debunk the debunkers than for them to debunk septemberclues.info.  See for yourselves.


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ep93a-Gwynned on Fakeology

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Audiotime: Saturday, March 22, 2014

Guest: Gwynned, a fakeologist with a passion for the Michael Jackson hoax


 Hiroshima and Detroit — 65 Years after the A-Bomb

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