Dare to debunk

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We have a few sites that link to us. Here’s one that starts off quite positive, but then the shills set in and get quite negative on .

There’s nothing wrong with reading the negative and using the dialectic process to determine what’s true for your view.

Simon’s work can easily withstand the 0;debunking”. Most of it is ad hominem attacks that serve to distract. It is far easier to debunk the debunkers than for them to debunk septemberclues.info.  See for yourselves.


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3 thoughts on “Dare to debunk

  1. khammad

    One of my favorite posts on Above Top Secret regarding September Clues is the following:

    ” I SAW the planes hit the towers. I study aircraft as well. This guy is just out to sell stuff and get publicity for himself.” – yuppa 12/21/12

    CLASSIC SHILL of the intellectual type. Let’s interview him and get the scoop on his amazing eye sight.

    1. ab Post author

      I can only guess that Simon’s gone broke looking into this stuff. It’s hard to make money when you give your movie/information away for free. Simon hardly appears to be looking for any sort of credit – although most would agree he deserves big credit for cracking the fakery door wide open.

      1. khammad

        Yes, Simon deserves big credit, and our thanks. In a sense, Simon is mental health care specialist, as he has resolved an untold amount of mental distress with his research.

        yuppa is operating in an obvious manner: accuse the opposition of what you are doing. With the smallest amount of research yuppa would have seen that Simon sells no seeds, no nascent iodine, and no boxed DVD sets.

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