ep93a-Gwynned on Fakeology

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Audiotime: Saturday, March , 2014

Guest: Gwynned, a fakeologist with a passion for the Michael Jackson hoax


 Hiroshima and Detroit — 65 Years after the A-Bomb

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6 thoughts on “ep93a-Gwynned on Fakeology

  1. smj

    can it be mere coincidence that balloon framing was introduced about the same time as industrialization occurred?

    the wooden boxes that we call houses seem to be easily reclaimed by nature. no need for mass wall masonry when industry plans on leaving an area after a single generation or so.

  2. smj

    no opinion on the nuke hoax; but she can talk about mj and lady gaga all day?
    –that is, when she’s not talking about how stupid americans are.

    funny stuff.

  3. Tom

    On re-reading, I want to make it clear that I would not say the TPTB are ‘benign’, in the sense that they are all kind and caring.

    I just much prefer that to ‘evil’. I see them more as a benign tumor on the World.

    1. Tom

      I liked Gwynned and found her genuine.

      I was surprised she didn’t have a firm view on the nuclear issue which I would see as obvious within my contemporary world view. No one is perfect. The ‘Great Revelation of the Method’? I don’t see it any day soon either, but I can’t knock the hope ( nod to PShea ) .
      The idea of a ‘benign’ force at work, is interesting. I don’t recoil from this as quickly as Tim appeared to.
      I prefer the term ‘benign’ to ‘evil’ that he used.

      Calling them benign is a more intelligent than calling them evil. I cringe at the use of this word which is just Alex Jones shite. Calling ‘them’ evil is just buying into the age old false dialectic of good and evil.

    2. Tom

      Calling them benign is better than calling them evil. I cringe at the use of that word which is just Alex Jones territory. That’s one of the main things he’s there to do. Calling ‘them’ evil is just buying into the age-old, original, false dialectic of good and evil. Doh! This is fundamental stuff. It’s the original template of control.

      I know it’s only language, but that’s what they want you to think. That they are ‘evil’ ( whatever the F that means?) . It’s the 666 brigade. They want us to buy into it. The subliminals are everywhere to subconsciously scare people with that ancient programming.

      As it happens, the trusted and steady voice of Jan Erik has been known to use the term ‘evil’. If one thinks in those terms then it would seem to naturally lead towards paranoia. The Alex Jones function? Irrational fear is the very thing we look to free ourselves from, surely?

      I like these conversations with ‘regular ‘ people. As I commented regarding last Saturday’s show, I liked it in a sense, because it gave Tim a chance to counter Rick’s naivety and clarify things.

      I think Gwynned is a sane, regular, person and an individual thinker. Her angle on things was interesting and I welcomed and enjoyed hearing her speak.


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