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Where’s Kony?

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Just before I woke up, I was quite fascinated by the Kony campaign of 2012. Boy, two years sure go by fast when you spend all your time reviewing history and current events with your 9/11 hoax glasses.

Like all major hoaxes, this one has still not been resolved. I won’t review the absurdities of the film, the film maker, or the black villain, but I’m not surprised that they’ve dredged this hoax story up for its anniversary. PsyOps get their best value from recurring in the media. A mere mention brings back all that valuable fear p0rn. It’s almost like a recurring payment plan that businesses love so much.

The U.S. government’s decision to deploy military aircraft and additional troops could be “the decisive game changer” in the hunt for fugitive rebel leader Joseph Kony, whose notorious group, the Lord’s Resistance Army, appears weaker than ever, amid growing defections and the loss of senior commanders, an expert said Monday.

via Joseph Kony hunt gets added troops, aircraft | Toronto Star.

Talking like it’s real

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I do like the noagendashow.com, since it’s the closest I’ll get to listening to the “news”.

They don’t touch media hoaxes, so it’s frustrating listening to them talk about stories as if they are real, or in their view, setups by the “government” where real stuff goes down.


Here, Adam analyzes 60 minutes, a show I used to watch religiously. They “go behind the scenes” of the Boston Bombing (Hoax), and discuss the FBI’s solving of the “case”, complete with these fantastic (occult) numbers:

120 video analysts, 1000 agents and analysts, 120,000 still photographs, 13,000 videos, all solved in 101 hours.


The so-called news investigation shows are just a second tier deception-reinforcement system. In other words, don’t waste your time watching them, thinking they’ll help solve the case.

There is no active media that I am aware of on the public’s side. The media is your enemy.

As an aside, government buildings in the US are massive, and no doubt designed full of symbolism. Here’s the FBI labs in Virginia — another monument to the massive police state that is America.



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Kill Bill

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Bill hasn’t looked good for a while…and he’s allegedly only 67

The boys at noagendashow.com are halfway there when it comes to the great media hoaxes of our time. They continue to somewhat believe the farce that is politics.

With that in mind they have a pretty fun theory on the go with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They both seem to think that Hillary will be the next president, and that involves removing Bill from the public’s mind. How will they do that? They think the former president will be “killed off”.


Both Adam and John don’t seem to get the concept of media hoaxes, or choose to ignore the media’s primary role in propagandizing the American people (the world, really). The media is the main weapon of the military.

Bill won’t be killed, but his persona may be. In other words, like JFK, he will be retired from the public realm and hidden away (in plain site, possibly). They predict it will happen in the next 60 days, which will be enough time for the public to consume, digest, and then forget the entity that is Bill Clinton.

Perhaps the Michael Jackson death hoax will be used as a guide? That one was big.

Shill on shill

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How confusing this must be for the average person that has not or will not look into 9/11 and its deeper psyOp structure.

We have the shill/shrill Jonathan Kay, self-appointed expert on conspiracy theorists (ie. the pejorative label for anyone who questions what they’re told by any authority) making a sound condemnation of a so called “expert” who represents an organized “scientific” group questioning an element of the 9/11 story.

It’s this powerful one-two punch of disinformation that takes up all the opposing view’s real estate in people’s minds. There is hardly a neuron left for the fakeology view that puts the whole event in its proper perspective.

I won’t deconstruct any of Kay’s attack on Gage. It’s a meaningless, fruitless, and distracting exercise. I will simply allow you to understand the big picture, and how difficult and unlikely it is for YOU to have made it to this site with all the media being consumed with the FALSE dialectic.

Now go back deconstructing your Monday morning media hoaxes. It’s a new week!

Ask Richard Gage how he came to become obsessed with what he calls the “truth” about 9/11, and you hear what sounds an awful lot like a story of religious conversion.

via Jonathan Kay: 9/11 truther Richard Gage is a preacher to a dying breed | National Post.

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Squirm fest on CSPAN – and we get nowhere

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We will never get anywhere with the Building 7 question it seems to me. How about a fakeologist or September Clues campaign? Would that be worth a try, or will nothing short of a confession of the perps make a difference?

Would even a confession make a difference? Does the media promoting every wacko conspiracy about the MH370 hoax contribute to tanking our research?

The following video is probably the best I’ve seen so far. Some extended responses from the congressman from CA, Ray Kelly, and one of the hosts allows a website to be plugged. Is the controlled media loosening up? Is this a case of delayed truth not making a difference, so the controllers don’t worry anymore?

? PART 7: Legislators, Pundits & 9/11 Controlled Demolition Questions – YouTube.