Kill Bill

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Bill hasn’t looked good for a while…and he’s allegedly only 67

The boys at are halfway there when it comes to the great of our time. They continue to somewhat believe the farce that is politics.

With that in mind they have a pretty fun theory on the go with Bill and Hillary Clinton. They both seem to think that Hillary will be the next president, and that involves removing Bill from the public’s mind. How will they do that? They think the former president will be 0;killed off”.

Both Adam and John don’t seem to get the concept of media hoaxes, or choose to ignore the media’s primary role in propagandizing the American people (the world, really). The media is the main weapon of the military.

Bill won’t be killed, but his persona may be. In other words, like , he will be retired from the public realm and hidden away (in plain site, possibly). They predict it will happen in the next 60 days, which will be enough time for the public to consume, digest, and then forget the entity that is Bill Clinton.

Perhaps the will be used as a guide? That one was big.

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