Shill on shill

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How confusing this must be for the average person that has not or will not look into and its deeper structure.

We have the shill/shrill Jonathan Kay, self-appointed expert on conspiracy theorists (ie. the pejorative label for anyone who questions what they’re told by any authority) making a sound condemnation of a so called 0;expert” who represents an organized “scientific” group questioning an element of the 9/11 story.

It’s this powerful one-two punch of disinformation that takes up all the opposing view’s real estate in people’s minds. There is hardly a neuron left for the fakeology view that puts the whole event in its proper perspective.

I won’t deconstruct any of Kay’s attack on Gage. It’s a meaningless, fruitless, and distracting exercise. I will simply allow you to understand the big picture, and how difficult and unlikely it is for YOU to have made it to this site with all the media being consumed with the FALSE dialectic.

Now go back deconstructing your Monday morning . It’s a new week!

Ask Richard Gage how he came to become obsessed with what he calls the “truth” about 9/11, and you hear what sounds an awful lot like a story of religious conversion.

via Jonathan Kay: 9/11 truther Richard Gage is a preacher to a dying breed | National Post.

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