Talking like it’s real

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I do like the, since it’s the closest I’ll get to listening to the 0;news”.

They don’t touch , so it’s frustrating listening to them talk about stories as if they are real, or in their view, setups by the “government” where real stuff goes down.

Here, Adam analyzes 60 minutes, a show I used to watch religiously. They “go behind the scenes” of the (Hoax), and discuss the FBI’s solving of the “case”, complete with these fantastic (occult) :

120 video analysts, 1000 agents and analysts, 120,000 still photographs, 13,000 videos, all solved in 101 hours.…

The so-called news investigation shows are just a second tier -reinforcement system. In other words, don’t waste your time watching them, thinking they’ll help solve the case.

There is no active media that I am aware of on the public’s side. The media is your enemy.

As an aside, government buildings in the US are massive, and no doubt designed full of symbolism. Here’s the FBI labs in Virginia — another monument to the massive police state that is America.…

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1 thought on “Talking like it’s real

  1. columjaddica

    Building looks like a rendering. Is that one of those fancy LEED Platinum buildings? I didn’t see them bragging about it on the site.

    It looks like a castle wall at the bottom with some steampunk factories on top. Very strange. Something like a warfactory model in some of the strategy games I used to play.

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