Where’s Kony?

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Just before I woke up, I was quite fascinated by the Kony campaign of 2012. Boy, two years sure go by fast when you spend all your time reviewing history and current events with your hoax glasses.

Like all major hoaxes, this one has still not been resolved. I won’t review the absurdities of the film, the film maker, or the black villain, but I’m not surprised that they’ve dredged this hoax story up for its anniversary. get their best value from recurring in the media. A mere mention brings back all that valuable fear p0rn. It’s almost like a recurring payment plan that businesses love so much.

The U.S. government’s decision to deploy military aircraft and additional troops could be “the decisive game changer” in the hunt for fugitive rebel leader Joseph Kony, whose notorious group, the Lord’s Resistance Army, appears weaker than ever, amid growing defections and the loss of senior commanders, an expert said Monday.

via Joseph Kony hunt gets added troops, aircraft | Toronto Star.

4 thoughts on “Where’s Kony?

  1. Carys

    Plenty of psychic driving right from the start. The original Kony video had subliminal 9/11 references in it, aside from the more obvious comparisons between Kony and Bin Laden (see attached pic).


    At 23:08: The NY Times newspaper headline about the arrest of Joseph Kony has the same layout as the NY Times reporting 9/11. Included in the mock Kony newspaper in the video is the opening extract of the NY Times report about 9/11 which was published the day after the attack. The Kony newspaper is also dated September 12, 2012, meaning the article is exactly 11 years before the NY Times newspaper report on 9/11.

    At 25:29: The memorial lights for the Twin Towers can be seen in the video.

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  2. Blue Moon

    They did wrap the story up in a way- There was quite a bit of skepticism about the video from the get go and the narrator’s call for American troops in Africa put the last nail in the coffin- Then this happened and Kony was taken off the board for all intents and purposes-http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/joseph-kony/9149918/Joseph-Kony-2012-filmmaker-Jason-Russell-arrested-on-suspicion-of-masturbating-in-public.html

  3. khammad

    I keep going back to Lenon Honor and the Fear-based mind control. Psyops, among other things, are meant to terrorize our subconscious, keep us in fear, so we can’t think rationally.

    This specific psyop, Kony, was designed for men. I know a male teacher, Mike, who bought the whole Kony2012 kit for a couple of hundred dollars. He wanted a whole-school assembly, fundraising, etc. Thankfully, our principal said no thank you. No female teachers got on that bandwagon.

    In 2013, this teacher, Mike, brought in a former child soldier from Uganda to speak to his class. Not sure how he afforded it. (I think the former child soldier was already on tour)

    This child soldier was 25 years old. He said he was taken when he was 10 years old and had been a soldier for 2 years before help came. Lets do the math: The man was a child soldier 15 years ago in 1998. Last of the LRA formal operations were around 1997. All this man could claim was that there were child soldiers in 1998, not after that.

    Even the former child soldier hinted that taking children to be soldiers was over. It was now clean up time.

    Mike was convinced that little boys were still being abducted today, even though many countries had sent money and peace envoys to end it. The Kony2012 literature, if you read it, says Kony COULD come back and take little boys, not that he DID come back and is currently taking little boys. Yet the psychology of Mike’s mind prevented him from reading the words correctly. (The wording is tricky, though, it is meant to deceive you.)

    In 2001, the United Nations released a report detailing the atrocities with a plan to stop it. There you go. Game over. No more abducting children and putting firearms in their little hands. All of the reports after 1998 of LRA attacks have little proof to back up their claim. (Who knows, the whole thing could be fake)

    Fear-based mind control. Lenon Honor nailed it.

    The Crisis Tracker page shown below is great. Looks really high tech. Looks like we are going to catch Kony any minute, unless, that is, he is hiding in a cave.

    By the way, check out this list of LRA commanders. It looks like the 911 vicsim list with the fuzzy photos.


  4. columjaddica

    On his secret island lair, in Detroit Michigan of course…


    Chickened out and went thru the drive thru as visions of myself getting stabbed and bleeding out on my chili fries danced thru my head as I surveyed the general area josephs is in.

    I don’t know why, but every time I hear of this story I think of Coney dogs. Michigan has a lot “Coney” restaurants.

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