9/11 surfer: liar for hire

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His child named 0;Hope” even wrote a book “We all fall down0;.

  • youtube comments are mostly dissenting: the myth appears to be have faded
  • sexy host/interviewer appears to be smile as she asks smarmy questions
  • Pasquale keeps eyes half closed – easier to lie?
  • “some people are skeptical”
  • “I am an engineer…I believe in science and facts”
  • “…if I had and someone told me the story, I’d be skeptical also”
  • started a foundation for pregnant woman who’s husbands were “lost” in the towers.

? Amazing 9/11 Survival Story: Man “Surfs” Down 15 Stories of Debris as Tower Collapses – YouTube.

h/t Johnny Clues

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3 thoughts on “9/11 surfer: liar for hire

  1. JohnnyClues

    With a name like “Buzzelli”, my first thought was – How “buzzed up” must I be to even think of believing in this hooey filled story brought to us by the MSM (multi staging media).

  2. Tom Dalpra

    To be clear, his daughter ”Hope” ( cringe!) is only said to have drawn the picture for the cover , not written the book.
    It doesn’t make any difference, of course, she might as well have written it ; childish narrative that it is.

    It looks like these children of 9/11 are being groomed for the future. Hope will probably be trotting out her 9/11 story on mainstream television, years into the future – ”My Dad was actually IN one of the collapsing towers” (CNN – 2051)

    What would she know? As far as she’d know, she’d be telling the truth. None of the awkwardness of her ‘father’ with his half-closed eyes and shaking head. She’d actually be able to talk honestly. In this way we can see how ‘credible’ witnesses may literally, have been bred.


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