Zuckerberg for Suckers

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I like this blog that deconstructs numbers (to the extreme, but I don’t really have an issue with that).

The blogger is right on in my mind that technology geniuses are nothing more than front men/actors for intelligence-front companies. Before you can even question the story of Zuckerberg a movie came out to solidify your views.

Don’t you remember the Zuckerberg family growing up? Does anyone on this planet? I also don’t think it is a coincidence sucker rhymes with ‘Zucker’. I think Mark Zuckerberg is part of a long line of hoaxes, including people such as movie directors and CEOs of major corporations that we assume are privately owned. It wouldn’t surprise me for a second if Bill Gates was one of these types of people as well. The word Gate in numerology sheds light on where, or who, the word ‘gate’ came from. Think Gate as in Bill 0;Gates”.

via free to find truth: Mark “E33iot” Z33kerberg | Same birthday as Israel | ZIONISM EXPOSED.

I didn’t see the Zuckerberg movie, nor the Jobs movie. I did see the Bill Gates movie, starring 0;clippy”:

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Banazîr Galbasi
Banazîr Galbasi(@banazir-galbasi)
7 years ago

Anyone remember the Zuckerbergs on Saturday Night Live?


Through the drama of ‘The Social Network’ and comedy bits like this the three ‘bergs (Eisenberg, Samberg and Zuckerberg) all collude to ‘prove’ that the Zuck does indeed exist. Notice the little tension they create between the two ‘serious’ actors. The audience now believes there are disagreements over minor ‘character’ traits but that otherwise everything is as it should be. Genious!

Check out Eisenberg admit: “I was interpreting a fictional character in a movie script”. No kidding.

Blue Moon
Blue Moon(@blue-moon)
7 years ago

I’ve always maintained that the Zuck is a front- I actually laid eyes on him so the actor exists in real time and space- He was ambling down the street here in Frisco with his girlfriend and texting on his phone- T-shirt and baggy jeans, no security, just some anonymous schlub with all the time in the world on his hands- As he is a government employee, he’d have his salary and the project’s expenses issued by CIA bookkeepers-His clothes, car, abode, personal effects would all have to be catalogued and whatever budget oversight process the Agency employs would allow/disallow… Read more »

7 years ago

Here is one person’s opinions on ” Suckerberg ”