Apollo 13 Hoax

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Two good videos from Alan Weisbecker on one of the biggest hoaxes of the 60s and NOW!

  • was the LEM -250 or +250 when it was coming back to earth? One ass-tro-NOT said one would have cooked, while the movie portrayed them as freezing
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3 thoughts on “Apollo 13 Hoax

  1. xileffilex

    This official narrative hoax had a good run through in a UK paper Metro” today “Rescued by tech too weak to run your mobile phone”
    The scriptwriter’s tropes really stand out, the “german measles” issue, the well worn “Houston we have a problem” catchphrase, unlucky 13th taking off at 2:13….it’s so obvious.
    Note how Jim Lovell has an attack of the dupers at about 0.43 when he describes the lurching of the craft.

    The official narrative according to James is here, honed in 1999

    However, surely the best device to imply that Apollo 13 was real was the “tax return”

    t was a whirlwind few days for Swigert, who found himself aboard a spacecraft speeding away from Earth. But there was one important thing he had forgotten to do before leaving home: his income taxes.
    “How do I apply for an extension?” he asked from space to those in Mission Control, who began to laugh. “Things kind of happened real fast down there and I need an extension. I’m really serious.”
    Flight director Glynn Lunney later reassured the astronaut: American citizens who were out of the country received a 60-day filing extension. “I assume this applies,” he told the astronaut, who was actually off the planet at that time.

    March 20, 2013
    but taken from the official NASA story…

    Mattingly [Tom K Mattingly II , he of the fake German measles scare] also has a nice cover story for the coldness of the powered down spacecraft [cf a cooking spacecraft]

    Mattingly recounts an incredible story about a vital piece of equipment – the inertial measurement unit (IMU)…..

    it sounds so corny. Just like the Apollo 16 Mattingly wedding ring story…[audio]….lost and found “in space”

  2. tsisageya

    In the meantime, time passes and things change. You may need to change your mission. This one is not working for me anymore.

    I know. Who cares?

    But look around at the world today, as best you can. Keep up, if you can…

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