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In my effort to find more audio on , I’ve landed on Andrew Steele’s site from his youtube channel. I really enjoy the squirming on his 9/11-CPAN-building 7 youtube compilations, so I decided to listen to some of his Thursday audios.

Andrew, it seems, is firmly in the Richard Gage camp. The most notable part of his audios is the 10 seconds (why not 11, or perhaps it’s the God number between 9 and 11) of silence for the 2977 vicsims he does every broadcast I’ve listened to so far. This tells us that he is coming up very short on his research, or that he is part of a controlled opposition campaign.

There still are many nuggets of information in the varied guests he has on. Could it be that so many researchers haven’t seen , and are just uninformed? I say it’s possible, since the vast majority don’t know anything about stories or theories outside of the official ones.

Either way, we can expose them to our research as fakeologists. The greater problem for both our camps is researching out to those that could make a difference. Therefore, some of his audios are instructional to that end, as we look for clues and ideas from some of his guests (who of course could be shills) to actually get our message out.

John O’Malley _ on 9/11 Free Fall | NO LIES RADIO.


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