ep94-Michael Jackson Death Hoax-DCP

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Live record time: Saturday, March 29, 2014 9:11pm EDT

Guests: Gwynned and Sami

Topic: The Michael Jackson Death Hoax, 9/11, the Big Picture, cluesforum.info, Simon Shack, Hoi Polloi


How I got swept up into the hoax.

Some lesser known very political videos:
They Don’t Really Care About Us
Michael as Dionysus
Brace Yourself  – For what I might ask?
This Is It – Too much of a plot line to be archival footage – and lots of clues
Evidence he faked his death – Just to name a few.
  • TMZ reports him dead at 2:20 but it is reported elsewhere that UCLA docs called him dead at 2:26
  • Jermaine Jackson makes the statement to the press as to the cause of Michael’s death, not a doctor as is customary.
  • The only photo of him in the ambulance is a fake according to Michael’s attorney.
  • Michael’s body visibly moved during transport in the helicopter.
  • 4 different versions of the 911 call were released to the public
  • Dr. Murray is a cardiologist but it is revealed he performed CPR on the bed.
  • The death certificate was signed by Latoya Jackson!
A good recap can be found here in video form:  www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.co…
Connection to the movie V for Vendetta
A good summary can be found here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thChiBDudSs&hd=1
Why would he fake his death
  • Jane Burgermeister connection
  • We have 4 years to get it right or it’s too late for the environment.
How much of Michael Jackson’s official story can we believe?
  • Did he fake his Pepsi burnt hair ‘accident’?
  • How about the child molestation charges?
  • And what about his kids?  Are they his?  And what about other claims?
  • Who really is Michael Jackson?  Is there only one?
Some personal anecdotes that would indicate that he is working behind the scenes
  • Ben Fulford on Jeff Rense
  • David Wilcock
  • Connections to Google
Michael’s sense of humor
  • Conrad Murray
  • Dave Dave
  • His disguises
Why does it matter?
  • Return of the Moonwalker  He who controls Michael Jackson controls the world.  
The spiritual Michael and some experiences – what is the hoax? Is it an ARG?
* * *
from listener Wade:
fake  M J  —  mask line on his neck at   2:30  –  2:37 – 2:46 –  5:17 – 5:41   — too short,too fat, can’t move like  M J
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11 thoughts on “ep94-Michael Jackson Death Hoax-DCP

    1. Gwynned

      Very interesting. However the video is now ‘private.’ All of the names mentioned are suspicious . Perhaps it’s the beginning of a ‘reveal’

  1. Tom Dalpra

    This of course, from his 1997 Album with it’s masonic floor and (‘imploding’ towers?) Manhattan without building 1 and 2? He’s in red with a black arm band and in hand cuffs? Over to you!

    Thought it was worth a reference here.


    1. Nemesis

      Definitely an interesting album cover but not much different than this one in terms of predictive programming..

      1. Tom Dalpra

        And a micro -discussion on that one here! :


        I was taken by the Libby reference on the waitress name badge and the simple, and
        the newspaper headlines. ‘BOY 15 DIES IN TRAIN HORROR’ juxtaposed ‘CALLAGHAN SLAMS BREAKS ON SPENDING’ on the back cover.

        1. Nemesis

          @Tom Yeah that’s pretty interesting.. more rabbit trails, also some of the lyrics in the Gone Hollywood track are revealing

          ‘But who’s to blame about it
          So many creeps in Hollywood’

          Still think the Beatles white album is the King for all the PSYOPs / predictive programming and rabbit trails combined.

    1. Nemesis

      I think that’s just a cash-in. Most prolific artists have some unreleased material.

      As for his return, if he was to come back and expose the media, where would he get the publicity from? no-one would buy it. There’s enough MJ look-a-like’s already on YouTube.


      1. CalcifiedLies

        Oh I agree, tongue was firmly in cheek there, though I do think the timing of the news release is interesting…..I’m willing to entertain any possibility but MJ coming back to enlighten the world is a stretch to say the least, and probably borderline dubious. Unfortunately there is no grand plan to enlighten us coming from above, any Revelation of the Method from them has a specific purpose within the larger agenda.

        1. Nemesis

          He’s still raking in a ton of cash, i suspect much more than in the last 5 years of his normal ‘life’.
          I think the timing is just business as usual for Sony/Epic, there’s pretty much been MJ related releases nearly every year since 2009.
          If a dead celebrity was ever to come back we would’ve seen one by now..

  2. Nemesis

    Not to mention that part of the best selling album of all time’s concept revolves around a werewolf..


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