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I think Sandra Bullock has spent more time in 0;space” than Chris could dream of.

Why is this space hoaxster still in the news? Americans aren’t subjected to this endless litany of fairy tales about their a$$-tro-NOTS, are they?

I left a comment on the Crown’s website, but as you can see from the screen shot, it didn’t make the censor’s cut.

This is the reason why you don’t see, literally, anyone questioning the space hoax. We cannot penetrate their media, unless of course you have your own web space. That too will be DNS censored soon, I fear.

Anyone know how to set up a HAM radio? I’d really like the podcasts to go wireless using our ground based satellite system.

You’d think a guy who rode a rocket into space would be fearless.

But retired astronaut Chris Hadfield, who flew two shuttle missions, walked in space and commanded the International Space Station, told CBC’s Morning Edition host Sheila Coles that there was indeed one thing that scared him as he prepared to launch.

The thing he feared most was that he wouldn’t enjoy it, he said.

via Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s biggest fear? You might be surprised – Saskatchewan – CBC News.

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7 years ago

Certainly didn’t take them long to disable your comment…. under 11 minutes… that’s magical.
Good try though, sadly some just cannot handle the truth.

7 years ago

Hey Ab you just about described the tagline to the Capricorn One Poster with your comment lol

You must of hit a nerve, cant seem to see your comment on there now..

7 years ago

Not only is this hoaxster “in the news”, but he’s nearly a god-tier celebrity on sites like Reddit (immensely popular with younger people). He’s right up there with Black Science Guy

Here’s a picture that’s pretty funny, I’ve been told it’s a photoshop.

Maybe he found a way to enjoy it again

(Hey AB, is there supposed to be a way to embed pics in comments? I swear I used to be able to do that but now when I save the comment the HTML to display the picture gets removed)