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Fakeologists from Toronto (and anywhere, really), start your engines. Our weekend assignment is upon us. A police shooting involving an officer, a dead perp, and the dreaded, highly secretive, SIU, which is supposed to be a civilian overseer of the police, are all present in this media event.

The shooter was killed during an interaction with Peel officers at 11 a.m., according to the Special Investigations Unit, which investigates all incidents involving the police and civilians that result in serious injury or death

The Star’s Kenyon Wallace and Rachel Mendleson were inside the courthouse and also on lockdown. They saw a police officer in a standard-issue police uniform taken out the front entrance to an ambulance by paramedics and fellow officers from Division, which is stationed just across the street from the courthouse.

via Police officer injured, another man killed in shooting at Brampton courthouse | Toronto Star.

The usual disclaimer that we know nothing more of this event other than what the media tells us, so apologies to any real people in this event if it in fact is true. Oddly, I had intended to go visit this very police station today on a personal matter but did not go for reasons other than this event.

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