NASA bloopers

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Found this over at, who found it here somewhere. Thanks Sistership!

NASA hoax ISS Actornaut Chris Cassidy accidentaly admits they are filming in the USA BUSTED – YouTube.


Some of my favorite comments, which are laced with shillery:

why is her hair being pulled upward? shouldn’t it be a even pressure all around making her hair get pulled in every direction and not just up
The woman’s hair is a bit of a giveaway, if this were real she would have it tied up or in a net, I’m sure she wouldn’t want to look like a clown, the only point of it, as it is- all floaty, is to add to the illusion.
A case of 0;the lady’s hair doth protest too much methinks”.
You need to watch it three times to see each of their reactions to his blooper-poor guy, literally wringing his hands in anguish.
Brilliant upload,  the wheels on this bullshit express are starting to get very loose.  You may never see him again, the gov’t hates bad liars,
It’s amazing how wallowitz (spelt wrong) from the TV Show Big Bang was on the ISS in one of there episodes and it looked exactly like this. It’s amazing what green screen and other CGI technology can do. People who believe we went to the moon or we have astronauts on the ISS are either paid shills or uneducated. It’s one of the two.
Yes they go through strenuous psychological tests you have to be able to bullshit even more than the pope without feeling any remorse or guilt. we need Navy Seals in space to shoot at Iraqis who might accidently meander out there.



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