Hairy NASA problems

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This is a problem that wasn’t-  until females were welcomed aboard. Clearly they still haven’t solved the problem of female long and loose hair. Since only a small group could care less about what NASA’s hoaxing anyway, it really just results in being conspiracy candy for us. Here’s (what looks like) a real video of 0 gravity, with a few sections showing long female hair NOT going haywire like the funny footage.

Aboard NASA’s ‘Vomit Comet’ – YouTube.

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The Astrolady’s long, blonde, luscious hair got me thinking.

The ISS crew says they can only wash by wiping themselves with a damp cloth and dabbing some water on their scalp. And they brush their teeth with Colgate and swallow the dregs :lol:

Have you ever tried not washing your hair for a few days? Tried not using shampoo? Exercised for one or 2 hours a day, on a tread mill and with weights to work up a sweat as the Actornauts do? Now go 6 months without a shower or bath and imagine what your long hair would be like after wiping it everyday with a cloth. It would be an oily, unhygienic mess.

What we see in this video is a woman who has had her hair properly shampooed, blow-dried and fixed in place with hair styling product. NOT clogging up the ISS air filtration system with her matted, greasy locks. Prove me wrong JREF shills

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Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra
8 years ago

The Vomit Comet film is hilarious with that absurd experiment to test how well Inkjet printers work in zero gravity- ( well, hurtling up and down in a plane)?!!!! Haha!! Absolute nonsense. They photographed with a high speed camera as they photocopied, in order to look to see if the ink was affected in ‘size, shape, speed and amount of actual inkjet droplets’!!! Why not just photocopy with it and look? These three fools floating around and puking up, with bits of photocopier paper flying around. Very silly indeed. With the hair, do they just ‘fix-it-up’ deliberately for Space Station… Read more »