4 thoughts on “Blowed up real good

    1. smj

      anything jdl is fake.

      the jdl was founded by meir kahane. his murderer, we are told, was found guilty in the wtc 93 bombing case presided over by mike mukasey who came up with feinberg and guiliani in the southern district.


      his assassination was called the first act of terror by al queda in the us. his murderer’s son is now giving fecking ted talks.


      are you afraid of these guys?

      meir kahane (or michael king) is an obvious agent.


      the hebron massacre is hoaxy as shit.

      everything about the jdl is silly as hell when you take a look at it. for example… www.veteranstoday.com/2014/06/…

      1. smj

        in the absurd kahane chai in the catskills training camp video above, the camp director that is interviewed makes an appearance at he 12:48 mark in the baurch goldstein video. his name is mike guzovsky. he claimed to have been friends with goldstein for years and kahane was purported to have officiated goldstein’s wedding.


        and then there’s kahane’s son’s assassination and irv rubin and his son, but i won’t get into that.

  1. Blue Moon

    I finally got the connection between Farm Film Celebrity Blow Up and the name Billy Sol Hurok- The JDL detonated a bomb in Sol Hurok’s office in ’72 for bringing Soviet performers to the USA- That’s pretty cold on Candy’s part-


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