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Double talk and doublespeak is classic disinformation, and also classic talk. William Jefferson Clinton was an expert at it, being Jesuit trained in the trivium.

The story of the missing jogger in the Toronto area is most suspicious, and certainly looks like a psyOp hoax. It appears we’ll have to wait for its purpose.

Some oddities persist. Why are they still using the same strange degraded photograph? In all this time, isn’t there a more favorable picture of the missing person provided by the family?

Here is the article a follow up to the story. Is he found or not? Is the body his or not? Is there foul play or not? The coroner releases autopsy results from downtown Toronto. Does he have a record of this case? Do autopsies get done this quickly? Would he release an autopsy without conclusive results? The following passage is all contradiction; classic obfuscation to hide anyone from knowing anything and thereby relieving the deceivers of any responsibility for what they say.

Foul play is not suspected in the death of Whitby jogger Jeffrey Boucher.Police released the details of a post mortem conducted Monday, saying while the actual cause of death has yet to be determined, “no foul play is suspected.”Police also noted that while a positive identification of the body found Saturday on the shore of Lake Ontario hasn’t been determined, it’s believed it is Boucher.

via Jeffrey Boucher: Foul play ruled out in death of Whitby teacher | Toronto Star.

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3 thoughts on “Depends on what is is

  1. aralsea

    What I find interesting is the “finding the shoes first” angle. Just like when they found shoes on the shore of Vancouver a few years back. And the other cases where body parts are discovered separately.


    The story is legit. He might have committed suicide. Removed his shoes himself in a fit of rage or emotion. A heart attack? Dogs pulled the shoes off the body? It doesn’t affect me very much so I cant spend much time on this one.

  2. JohnnyClues

    Sadly I am not surprised by this “update”, at this point, i wouldn’t of expected anything more from the media.

    Some quotes from the article, with my thoughts –

    “Police released details of a post mortem conducted Monday,
    saying while the actual cause of death has yet to be determined,
    no foul play is suspected.”

    JC – They have determined no foul play suspected, but have yet to determine the cause of death?
    how can they rule out any foul play if they have yet to determine the cause of death?

    JC – I see they are sticking with the “one favorite photo” schtick

    “Jeffrey Boucher, a Whitby teacher, went missing after going out for a morning jog in January.
    On Saturday, police recovered a body, believed to be Boucher’s, on the shores of Lake Ontario.”

    JC – they “believe” it’s Mr.Boucher? – Is it or isn’t it? Shouldn’t you wait to tell the world
    till your absolutely positive? I do not “believe” anything you are telling me, Why? how about
    an incredibly bad track record of lying for starters.

    “Police also noted that while a positive identification of the body found Saturday on the shore of
    Lake Ontario hasn’t been determined, it’s believed it is Boucher.”

    JC – Again, why not wait till your absolutely sure before you state this?

    “Boucher would include images of his travels into his geography lesson plans.”

    JC – yet, most stories only contain the “usual” one photo- what gives?

    JC – I was not there, and i can only go on what the media says, and what the media has produced in this case,
    and many others, more holes and discrepencies than swiss cheese.

    For myself, the media cried wolf way too many times to have any credibility, after a year of researching
    suspicious stories, and finding many red flags in so many, I see the same worm on the hook, well
    I ain’t biting!
    These are only my opinions and till they try to take away that freedom, i will
    continue using my 9/11 goggles and my brain to read through the lies. Don’t hate on me media, you are the ones who are spewing the lies, i’m just dissecting them!

  3. Tom Dalpra

    Ah yes, The Boucher case. That was an intriguing winters’ tale.…

    The police said they had ‘Ruled out foul play’. Ha! I remember that was actually the case, BEFORE they found him. Can we just take that in for a few seconds? They ruled out foul play, BEFORE ,they found him. They’d no idea where he was or what had happened to him at that point, but apparently, they ruled out foul play.

    Further, after a couple of days of looking for this guy, ( a man who’d apparently gone out for a jog) they made the incredible decision to NARROW DOWN THE SEARCH TO NEARER HIS HOME. ”Yeh right. Maybe actually look in his house, have you tried there yet? Ask in the living room. He could be under the table”.

    It was a case of, ‘We haven’t found him yet; our next plan is to narrow down the search?’

    Just riffing, here – He was a keen jogger. Boston…the running, ‘Running Meme’? Teacher. I don’t know what this one tells us exactly yet either at all, but…for conversation, how about a local Toronto, drill/social, networking media exercise( it was spread through twitter, local press and local tv). A small scale missing person story along the running man meme ( among others). ‘No foul play, nothing to see here’. Meanwhile there’s a subliminal message. A kind of ‘running’ doubt. That you can feed in the news to compliment running memes. Like missing people on a plane.

    As Johnny Clues pointed out when we originally looked at it, Chris the Deuce covered Boston for the Toronto Sun , he was prominent in reporting this odd case too. Made me wonder about running memes.

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