Making the money coming and going

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are fear and fraud. Here’s the fraud part:

Babcock International’s shares have been under pressure since last week’s news of the £950m acquisition of helicopter company Avincis and a £1.1bn cash call to pay for it, amid concerns about the cost of the deal.But they have been boosted by news that the engineering services group, alongside US partner Fluor, has been appointed preferred bidder for a £7bn, 14 year contract to manage the decommissioning of 12 UK nuclear sites.

Nuclear is about an imaginary technology that is worthy of Disney science — who knows, maybe they helped animate and propagate the myth. Huge money to build, huge money to operate, and huge money to deconstruct. It’s an endless cycle and probably one of the most successful global swindles ever.

via Babcock jumps 3% after winning £7bn nuclear decommissioning deal | Business |

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3 thoughts on “Making the money coming and going

  1. Tom Dalpra

    I think you answered your own question Calcified. This lie of Satellites being relatively shiny and 20th century, but, I think, a lie, too. A very profitable and outrageous scam, as you so aptly demonstrate with your quote. Absolute total, complete and utter CON. The thing with the satellites is ”How the fuck do they get them up there?’ for me. All I’ve seen so far is astronauts in cold damp LEMS or completely underwater.
    No sign of an actual space man. Just a few dickheads on land pretending.

    On the massive deal for the nuclear decommissioning in the UK. ( Anglo-US venture-always a mover) I know plenty of nice people who will go ”What could be wrong with that? Surely that’s got to be a good thing?” What a lie. They get £7billion (of taxpayers money I assume), for doing absolutely NOTHING. FUCK ALL. Lay a few nuclear workers off. ”Who gives a shit? Let ’em do a real job!!” And what considers itself the intelligent mass of society, pretty much thinks it’s actually real progress.

    1. CalcifiedLies

      Hey Tom, hopefully I interpreted the chat right and this is the post you meant to submit. Thanks for the comments on satellites, I’m looking forward to researching them. NASA is a joke so obviously I’ll be starting from the position that they are a lie.

      As for the nuclear story, Babcock was awarded that contract by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), which is a Non-Departmental Public Body created under the Energy Act (2004), i.e. mafia street muscle with bullshit legal word magic giving it force.

      As you humorously alluded, it is indeed plugged right into Agenda 21, as the NDA’s sponsoring department is the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). NDA official strategy report states:

      Our mission is a long-term one and some sites will not reach their planned end state for decades; some wastes will remain hazardous for thousands of years. This is immensely technical and challenging. Much of the plant and assets are in a severely deteriorated condition due to an historic lack of investment, not only in decommissioning but also in the maintenance of the estate. As such, there is an imperative to make progress whilst various plants and facilities remain operational. The alternative brings a significant risk of additional expense as well as compromising the environment and safety.

      Now I don’t want to make you blow a gasket or anything but have you seen Into Eternity?…

      Nukes are Forever!…

      The maker of the documentary, Michael Madsen, a Danish conceptual artist, is quoted in the article below:

      I told the crew in the beginning: We have to think of this as a science fiction film that’s shot today. I want the audience to experience a kind of afterworld, in a sense. It’s the first time we’re knowingly building a post-human structure. This is a problem of 100,000 years, and how to act responsibly may exceed what is possible for us humans to grasp.…

      The BBC laid the pre-Fukishima foundation of this movement in 2006:…

      Fukishima shill Helen Caldicott then brought it full circle in July of 2011 here, interviewing Michael Madsen (I didn’t listen to this but I’m sure it’s a disinformation extravaganza):…

      Like you said, if you love this planet, how could you be against it? This appears to be the long con of all long cons, thousands and thousands of years in duration, a never ending money grab!

  2. CalcifiedLies

    Interesting Ab…..Going through the satellite thread at cluesforum is on my to-do list so I can’t comment on whether or not this would be a total swindle, but same BS going on here:…

    China is considering massively increasing its network of surveillance and observation satellites so it can monitor the entire planet, scientists working on the project said.

    The government is mulling building more than 50 orbiting probes, which Chinese researchers said would make the nation’s satellite surveillance network on par with, or even larger than, that of the United States.

    “If we had a global monitoring network today, we wouldn’t be searching in the dark. We would have a much greater chance to find the plane and trace it to its final position,” said Professor Chi Tianhe, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth.

    A satellite costs about 400 million yuan (HK$503 million) to build, according to estimates from experts in the mainland’s space industry, meaning the total budget for the project would be at least 20 billion yuan.

    20 billion yuan to likely be stolen from the Chinese serfs, same as it ever was. I do remember someone making a comment over on Clues in the MH370 thread about being initiated into the media fakery club as it were, an interesting possibility, perhaps this is the reward that will be laundered to the Eastern perps?

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