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My gut is this study is BS

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I agree it’s hard to tell a liar, so that’s why you have to take the clues in totality to help make a decision. Occult numbers are a good start.

Study author Dr Leanne ten Brinke said: ‘Our research was prompted by the puzzling but consistent finding that humans are very poor lie detectors, performing at only about 54 per cent accuracy.’

She said that figure is barely better than simply guessing if someone is lying.

The psychological scientist added: ‘We set out to test whether the unconscious mind could catch a liar – even when the conscious mind failed.’

For the project at the University of California, 72 subjects watched videos of ‘suspects’ in a mock-crime interview. Some had stolen a 100 dollar bill from a bookshelf while others were innocent

via Why you SHOULD go with your gut: Instinct is better at detecting lies than our conscious mind | Mail Online.


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9/11 appeal to authority on hoaxbusters

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Chris starts talking 9/11 around the 51:00 minute mark.

* Duration 3:10h, Published 3/31/14 8:36:52 PM


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