How do the simulate the ISS?

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Just what are we seeing when we dial up and ask them when to look into our sky to see their 0;ISS”? As someone who loves to know magician tricks, just how do they do it? What exactly are we looking at? A plane? A U2? Like many magician explanations, are we looking at something that seems like too much work to be plausible, yet that IS the explanation? How to deceive point #2

Simon asks,

As you all may (or may not) know, NASA will alert you as to when the “ISS” will pass above your location – wherever you live. All you have to do is subscribe to the SPOT THE STATION ‘newsletter’ (submitting your location) – and they will periodically alert you to when the “ISS” will fly over your house. I have done so a while ago, and have watched this ‘bright, moving star’ passing over my house (in all sorts of directions – and seemingly ‘at airliner altitude’) on about seven or eight occasions so far.

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