Coren vs Gage: Canada 9/11 dialectic

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If nothing else, Richard Gage is opened the door to discussion in Canada. Whether any of my comments persist on their sites and garners any new researchers is doubtful, but worth a try.

Here’s a comment I left on a Canadian agitator’s column. I won’t even waste my time mentioning the many labels people stick on him — you can read and decide yourselves on who you’re dealing with.

There are many people who question 9/11 and other major media events that have nothing to do with Richard Gage’s traveling controlled opposition show. Spend some time on 9/11 and you’ll meet some fantastic people who know something was wrong with the official story and discovered an entire world of . As soon as you see or read anything attacking any group be it Zionists or Muslims you will learn quickly you are falling for a well placed trap to distract you from the main . Click my icon to learn more.

The truth is out there | Columnists | Opinion | Toronto Sun.

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