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Jesse, controlled or not, was the second step in my waking up.

Now that he’s 0;off the grid”, let’s see if he will address media in his monthly question.

Jesse Wants the Truth About 9/11 | Jesse Ventura …:

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6 thoughts on “Ask Jesse

  1. Nemesis

    Jesse came on late in the game with the conspiracy stuff, seemly out of no-where, one thing’s for sure he’s been part of pop-culture for heck of a long-time.

    And another actor from Predator (1987) to make it into politics

    He’s done it all..
    Soldier-Wrestler- Actor- Politician

    1. khammad

      Hahahaha, you have list listened to enough Jesse too. “He’s done it all”

      It is interesting that Jesse stated that when he heard about the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, he then that the government could lie. Took him a while to get up steam, don’t ya think?

      Guess he was busy with all of his tv stuff.

  2. khammad

    Awww, ya, I remember those days of looking to Jesse to tell me the truth, how it really was. I had recorded ALL of his Conspiracy Theory shows on my DVR. Some shows were quite compelling, like the one that the government told him he could not air again which was the FEMA camp show. At the time, I saw Jesse as a truth teller.

    I thought I could write him off as a shill, but something about him still seems sincere, even though he was using fear and the strategy of tension with the FEMA camp nonsense.

    Can we trust ANYONE on tv?

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