Could it be more perfect?

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If the corporation could manufacture a ticket winner story scenario more perfectly, I don’t know how else they could script it.

This has all the elements: record prize, unemployment, disease, middle age, selflessness, young children, philanthropy, buying a ticket on a whim, good looks, yoga? Well, I guess every story needs a quirk to make it beLIEvable.

Only two years ago, Tina Ferrone and Liam McGee were dealing with Liam’s diagnosis of multiple myeloma, a cancer struggle made still more difficult by its financial strain on the Kanata couple and their three children.…

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2 thoughts on “Could it be more perfect?

  1. lux

    The winner always seems to be a person who is markedly deserving in one way or another. It makes the whole thing seem so GOOD, so RIGHT, so heavenly.

    Will a child molester on death row ever win one? I doubt it.

    1. Nemesis

      And rich people too, hardly see any of them winning the major pay-outs, surely they play too! lol


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