Dustban 11 on Building 7

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Enjoy a dust-up with Dustyash, Banazir, and Ro11o, and Columjaddica.

They talk , fakeology, Richard Gage, and many other topics that interest people here.


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4 thoughts on “Dustban 11 on Building 7

  1. Banazîr Galbasi

    GREAT SOUTHERN LAND, Building 7, JFK, Back to the Future, Supertramp, Lego Movie, Made in China, Business, THE Holocaust, Australian Holocaust, David Irving, Ghengis, Vegans, Cold Tofurkey, Lies, Markus, Die Hard 3, Don Fox, OBF, Obfuscation, Arnie, TV, Mistakes, The Media, Seinfeld, Psyop Resurgence, Beatles and Monkees, Simpsons, Talkshoe, Johnny Clues Live, School Shootings, Waking family and friends, Shills, Psyop Budgets, Theatre Shootings, ISS, ‘Space’ Planes, Arthur C. Clarke, Star Trek, Numbers, Shout Outs, John Bradshaw, Who’s Johnny and 11AM. Special thanks: Rollo, Columjaddica and JohnnyClues

  2. columjaddica

    I talked for a moment about U2 Spy plane altitude vs satellites. Even if those pilots had the suits, and said they were like astronauts, they don’t get there.

    It seems scientists often pick 100km altitude (about 62 miles) as where “space” begins.

    Airliner 6.6 miles
    U2 Spy Plane 17 miles
    ISS 230 miles
    Space Shuttle 155-600 miles

    Nonetheless, a U2 spy plane flies high enough that you wont be hearing it from the ground and it’s quite difficult to judge the altitude of that dot from the ground.

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