ep96-9/11 with Columjaddica and Hoi Polloi

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Broadcast time: Saturday, April 4, 2014, 9:11pm EDT

Guest: Columjaddica ((Jake), Hoi Polloi, Doctor Death, PShea, Rollo

We’ll talk 9/11 with one of the newest fakeologist contributors.


thread-Watertown incident


Petronas Twins

Should CluesForum exist?

Sometimes I can’t help but find myself getting philosophical about our strange role in all this 0;exposure of the truth” process.

If we are just more people in the growing number who have uncovered all the incredible fakery involved in the reports of

  • events and propaganda of World War II
  • major assassinations of the 60’s
  • major disasters of the past few centuries
  • Earth science and 0;space travel” (e.g.; gravity, “space”, and so on)
  • the supposed possibilities of nuclear discoveries (i.e.; “h-bombs”, “a-bombs” and unclear nuclear power)
  • the cold violent pursuit of those with perhaps justifiable “rage against the machine” (i.e.; the “war on terror”)

then, what have people been occupying their minds with? And what could they?

VICSIMS: the simulated victims of 9/11

The notion of ‘thousands of victims’ was crucial to generate universal public outrage. However, having 3000 angry families breathing down their necks was never part of the perps’ demented plan. Our ongoing analyses and investigations suggest that NO one died on 9/11.

On scientism & evolutionism:

19 thoughts on “ep96-9/11 with Columjaddica and Hoi Polloi

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  2. drivingrealsteel

    Excellent show Tim! Jake’s story had me thinking, how we are programmed from childhood to an adult, and then him going to serve his country, and he’s still being manipulated. Scary shit right there.
    As for Flight 370 … From day one. I believe. There was no plane. Not sure what they’re up to, but that could be distraction at it’s best. (No offense Dr. Death)
    I was really excited to hear Hoi on the show, I read CF every single day. He is brilliant! A hard ass, but brilliant. The thing that really made me mad though, is when Rollo came on. He was condescending and just plain rude. Pete had some very valid, interesting points, Hoi, well, he’s just, what did I say up there? Anyhow, Rollo, while I’m certain, is far more educated than myself in our collective beliefs, that doesn’t give him the right to be so arrogant as to cut someone off and not let them finish their point. Maybe he was trying to be funny, but it was extremely distracting. Not to mention, he seemed to be “taking the piss,” out of Hoi and Pete.
    I’m sure my opinion doesn’t really matter, but a little respect goes a long way Rollo. The last 20 some odd minutes were very uncomfortable and I wasn’t even in the room.
    Anyhow, thanks Tim, you’re doing a great job! You have given media fakery a voice! And to Simon and Hoi over at CluesForum, your work is something everyone should stand up and take notice. Maybe then we can finally live in peace. The world just isn’t as bad as we’re told. Kudos to you all!

  3. UNreal

    Great show, happy to hear Hoi Polloi on air !

    very suspicious too about the glaring mistakes in the psy-ops, i have speculated a bit around them…

    I used to share Peter’s belief for a time about the possibility that the perpetrators are getting sloppy on purpose and that this might be part of a strategy to involve more people in alternative media as the mainstream media on TV is on the way out. in this manner they could capture a migrating audience in their own newly sponsored “Alex Jones” world and control them from there,,

    When Hoi mentioned the difficulty of an artist to apprehend a regular persons view of his creation, this also struck me as a real problem for the perpetrators,,, i have some insight to this as i work with technical drawing. the more work i spend on a drawing, the more difficult it becomes to apprehend major flaws,,,

    So, drawing from my personal knowledge of artwork this makes me able to speculate about the following;
    -the group of perpetrators are few in number in the the actual “production” department for the most sensible material
    -their workload is very big
    -the proof-checking is made by members in the same group (for the most sensible material)
    -the perpetrators are avare they cannot make a psy-ops event without flaws
    -the best way to ensure important events are still believable to general public is to produce less important events with bigger flaws as to protect their most important psy-ops

    i do not discard the fact that the perpetrators have multiple agendas, but technically i feel confident they might very well be exactly in the above situation.
    even if they have test groups, these are not aware, as we are, to the game they are being played and will evidently by this fact not see major flaws either, just feel the propaganda,,,

    as a sidenote, when we review psy-ops history it has always been quite bad, just review the Lee Harvey Oswald “killing” without any blood, bad sound-effects and an ambulance that must have had its engine running as to come so quickly and cover the awful acting….

  4. rickpotvin

    It looks like the clues forum is gone now too. ( My Who Did 9/11 forum was scrambled a few days ago)

    1. Hoi Polloi

      Sorry about that. Don’t worry, it’s not a big thing. We have just been “taken down” by a minor miscommunication with our hosting service. See, they believe that a complainer claiming to be a 9/11 victim family member known as “Matt Campbell” (alleged brother of vicsim pictures of Geoff Campbell) has had private information posted on the forum. In fact, it seems BlueHost has taken the most conservative method of interpreting their own rules by saying we violated their terms in posting *any* information on this alleged person, whether it’s public or not.

      The perps are counting on BlueHost’s gullibility and it worked. They’ve probably had private correspondence with BlueHost and PsyOped the owners. Actually, all that happened was copied information from Matt Campbell’s “reinvestigate911” web site. And just because we mirrored that information, BlueHost says we violated a subtle rule regarding not “posting or disclosing” any information on something like “children or other people”. This rule reads as though it was written to protect children from online predators and that somehow some secret information on this personality/entity has been disclosed. Really all that was done was copying info from another public web site!

      So in order to avoid conflict with these people, who ever they are, it seems that despite our asking BlueHost to please re-examine their judgment on the matter they have chosen the coward’s way out. They were not convinced by our arguments that their policies are being exploited.

      So much for BlueHost being a representative of free speech! Is this another hosting service on our growing list of hapless “fails”? Who is really responsible for this attack? Somehow, I doubt it is this “Matt Campbell” thing. I have a strong suspicion that this is a shrewd ‘plausible deniability’ attack on the entire research, as they have been attempting for years. But it doesn’t matter, we will re-establish the forum at another location. Anybody have any ideas?

      1. ab Post author

        Hi Hoi,

        interserver.net or hostingmatters.com are two I’d recommend.

        I plan on downloading the entire forum and putting the files on a bittorrent sync so the research can be easily diffused (but not updated). If we can keep enough users doing this and sharing it, the server will be less of an issue if it goes down for a period of time. If anyone is interested in helping me do the same with fakeologist.com, the key for the bittorrent sync is BXWFVNEFFO2LA4UBYD3S34JXZWQ6ACDXL for reading. Email me at contact.fakeologist.com if you want to help download the site and I’ll give you the write key.

        I’ll diffuse the cluesforum the same way…if Simon already has a backup he wants to post, that could save some time too.

      2. columjaddica

        One thing I’d recommend about hosting. Don’t get standard “shared hosting”. Get “dedicated hosting” or a “managed VPS”.

        Unfortunately I can’t recommend any companies. My own servers are unmanaged (self-managed) and my companies don’t offer managed servers.

        Shared hosting means you’re on a server with sometimes dozens and dozens of other sites. Companies that provide that service, even though they may claim it’s “unlimited” they’ll often get really cold towards any client that draws real traffic. After they’ve decided you use too much traffic, or too many CPU cycles then there’s no way to get off the shitlist.

  5. rickpotvin

    Ab, can you ask Jake and Dr. Death what they think of the idea that there never was a flight 370? Thanks. Where did that chat area goe?

    1. rickpotvin

      1. What would Dr. Death think about the Rothschilds, who own Malaysian Airlines through Khazanah Nasional, as perpetrators of the missing plane?

      2. Is Dr. Death familiar with NoDisinfo.com and their analysis of grieving relatives they point out as not believable? Does Dr. Death think the reactions of the relatives as seen on tv are believable. ?

      1. DoctorDeath

        1. Based on all I have seen/read I think if there was a hijacking, the US and Israel are behind it. Israel controls the US, and Israel is owned by the Rothschild family. Israel controls the main-stream media in the West, so they are part of whatever deception there is. However, who is behind the Rothschilds? Do they even exist or are they fake characters like Obama, Osama etc,


        2. Had not heard that about Khazanah/Rothschild – I will look into this. If true, I will Boycott Malaysia Airlines. The Rothschilds DO have a bank in KL (sadly).

        3. Some of the people shown on Western TV are fake or somehow part of whatever happened. Case in point is Sarah Bajc who can’t shed a tear for her missing soul-mate. Oddly she was the General Manager for an Israeli company involved in drone technology and missle guidance software AND she was a Senior Vice President of Microsoft in China

        1. ab Post author

          I don’t think you’re wrong Dan and I don’t think you’re right either. Would the nutwork that creates these psyOps be so explicit as to flaunting their power by making a clear path to those that control us or would it be better to spoof or put jews and dual citizens of Israel right in front of your face so you are sure that they are in charge? Rome used jews as tax collectors for this exact same purpose. Who got the blame when they came to the door? The emperor or the jew, who if he didn’t take that job would be kicked even farther down the curb. If 2% or less of the population controls the entire planet, than the other 98% of the psychopaths on this planet are dragging their feet by letting it happen. On the other hand, if the 98% are spoofing what they set up as an untouchable group of WW2 victims, then they’ve done another great job of deception. After seeing their 9/11 and other track record of success of fooling people, I have no reason to doubt their ability.

    2. DoctorDeath

      Interesting idea. Possible, but in my opinion there really was a plane. As I mentioned on the show I personally know 2 people at Freescale in Malaysia and they both know people who were on the flight.

      A more important question for all of us is WHO is behind the deception/hijacking and WHAT are we going to do in our personal lives to fight against them.

  6. columjaddica

    Another person’s 1999 Tour of WTC (3:10 for observation deck hours sign). Looks similar to what I remember. I was surprised to find there aren’t many videos like this on Youtube.

    Picture of Lobby (Not sure which tower)


    Observation Deck Hours Sign:

    Observation Deck
    World Trade Center
    Open Daily
    9:30AM to 9:30PM


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