Daily Archives: April 6, 2014

Musing on the who, the why, and the what of psyOps

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Hoi Polloi did a great job on episode 96 last night discussing the point of psyops. He does an even better job writing about them.

People don’t really believe in small cultures like CluesForum, Fakeologist or their nemeses — the unknown “perps” we’re always complaining about. People think that the large size or large population of a country makes it more important. I would advise we don’t get caught up in that illusion. We are failing to see the importance in the details. If you take ‘us’ to mean all people on the planet, there is a relatively small number of us “waking up” and there is probably a relatively small number of us working for “The Man” and trying to put people back to sleep. The rest are just experimenting on each other on a daily basis using every available power they’ve given over to their personal greed.


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