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Clues is still down, for now.

APRIL 7 2014

has been deactivated by our hosting server Bluehost due to a complaint filed by British A&E (Architects and Engineers for 9/11Truth) ‘activist Matt Campbell – who allegedly lost his brother Geoff in the WTC on .

Bluehost maintains that we (at Cluesforum) have violated their Terms of Service -section N°6.04 – which goes like this :

0;Private Information and Images. Subscribers may not post or disclose any personal or private information about or images of children or any third party without the consent of said party (or a parent’s consent in the case of a minor).”

However, we (the Cluesforum admins) believe that none of the info posted on the forum concerning Matt Campbell can be considered as “private information”- as we have only been mirroring info and images available in the public domain.

We hope this issue will be resolved as soon as possible. Chill out, folks.

The Cluesforum admins

via Reality Shack -> CLUESFORUM IS DOWN !!! updates.

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10 thoughts on “Cluesforum update

  1. Pingback: Matt Campbell replies to comments denying his brother Geoff died in 9/11

  2. lux

    Looking at the 9/11 Architects site – – it is an excellent example of how these controlled opposition operations work. It is slick and, I’m sure, very convincing to those in the target demographic. It points fingers in all directions except at the simple truth that 9/11 was all a hoax pulled off by the media.

  3. UNreal

    What about CloudHosting by satellite ?

    more seriously, this gives us a valid confirmation of paid opposition.
    how much did they pay Matt Campbell and who pays him ?
    Is Campbell a fake person with a fake brother, or a real person with a fake brother ?

    Bring a “vicsim” family member on camera & have some nice “argumentum ad passiones” going.

  4. rickpotvin

    I didn’t note the light green FICTIONAL alert until a second look and even then I considered it light comedy. However it’s deadly serious! You’d almost thing it ought to be at the top in the brightest of flashing red alerts. wouldn’t you? Maybe it should be at both ends. Or maybe it ought to be an option at each and every level. “How do we know this is real” is a state of alertness in actual psychology so an effort should be made to get a “question” mark version of each level into the colour code system of alerts. Memorex audio tape’s ad was most effective at public epistemology– Is it live, or it Memorex? We could start a viral campaign– is it real? or is it fake? How do you KNOW!?

  5. psyopticon


    The Campbell family couldn’t face the Coroner’s Inquest – but didn’t mind publicly re-living their gory study of the human body parts said to be of their beloved son and brother Geoff.

    “Yes, that’s definitely Our Geoff! We’d recognise him anywhere from that fragment of eye socket, frazzled eyebrow, and shard of lower jaw.”

    Crazy rubbish. Time for a musical interlude. Here’s Our Geoff’s niece, Phoebe, putting her sorrows into song. Simply beautiful, as 911 Troofer dad Matt says himself.

  6. ab Post author

    at 4:16 Matt gives a shoutout to his favorite “conspiracy theory”: that his brother is a software construct. For a favorite theory, he sure gives it short shrift!

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Haha. Yeh and firmly TURNS HIS PAGE like a good boy.

      Love it. Someone must ask him to expand on that favourite theory sometime, I’d love to hear that…really, I would. I had to watch again and about 6:50 onwards there’s a truly, world level- lame, second ‘breakdown’ where he squirms in his seat and gives a lippy smile as if he’s just let off a cheeky fart. He then has to tell us he’s having difficulty holding it together, in his normal, level tone. We’d hardly have known, otherwise. I thought he was just uncomfortable.

      You can’t make a good actor out of everyone.

  7. Tom Dalpra

    Matt Campbell. 6:45 on the video, for a rather good example of an unconvincing, emotional breakdown.
    He reads from his script throughout. None of it appears natural. This poor man isn’t comfortable doing this.

    8:15 they apparently received some remains of Jeff in 2008. He ‘Vividly remembers’ it was ‘ his scalp with hair attached to the skin.’ Also, some soft tissue of his ears and eye-brow, part of his jaw and even some teeth. Again he faux-breaks down with the statement: ‘No mother should witness that’.

    Well…no Matt. What could a mortician do with him in a state like that? I wouldn’t have shown her.

    When he references Bob Mcllvaine and how great he thinks he is, then the picture is complete.

    Simon taught us about these people, way back.

  8. tsisageya

    This tells me everything I need to know about Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. British? It’s a wonder it hasn’t happened sooner.

    Surely there is a work-around? I’m just not smart enough to know what it is.

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