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Cooke-ing up a story

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Not sure if this old story about a hoax story is even true. In my limited investigation of the other big Washington Post story of years earlier, ie. Watergate, I’m fairly sure it was a hoax used to change the actor in chief (willingly or otherwise).

The article that appeared in the Washington Post on September 29, 1980 told a heartwrenching tale. It detailed the life of ‘Jimmy,’ a young boy who had apparently become a victim of the thriving heroin trade that was devestating the low-income neighborhoods of Washington D.C.


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Which court trials are actually real?

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It’s a shame that it’s getting harder to tell which court trail is real and which is not. Not too many clues in this promoted story here in Toronto.

Here’s a one: most psyOps spoof facts by using suggestive words, and not definitive words. If this story was real, we would see reference to the Toronto coroner and an official death certificate. We see no official quotes in this story at all.

The likeliest cause of Liu’s death, according to pathologists, was “mechanical asphyxiation,” the Crown said during the trial. This could include neck compression through something like a chokehold.

via Webcam murder: Brian Dickson found guilty of murdering York student | Toronto Star.

Here’s some minor numerology:

Qian “Necole” Liu, 23, had been in Canada for seven months before she was killed by Brian Dickson, a fellow tenant in a rooming house south of the York campus, as her ex-boyfriend watched helplessly over a webcam.

The jury was not told that a police search of Dickson’s room found 103 pornographic DVDs, about half involving “Asian pornography” and a quarter involving teenagers.

It never occurred to me until recently that they would dare spoof a court trial. They take advantage, at least in Canada, of no cameras in the court room. Only archaic and obtuse artist renderings are used. I’ve never seen a court artist named, publicized, or interviewed.

In the (some?) US States, where cameras are allowed, it appears they do a total Hollywood set/production/movie event. I suppose with the military budget, that it’s quite easy. I have little doubt that the OJ and Trayvon spectacle were total productions.

While I doubt too many real people are involved in the spoofing of court cases in Ontario, the silence of our chief justices and attorney-generals who w/sh/could which are which indicates a complicity that would be reprehensible if true.


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9/11 and Geocentrism with Chris and Damon

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Chris starts talking 9/11 around 45:00.

Damon talks about Geocentrism and the Copernicun theory/heliocentrism starting around 1:20:00

At 1:50:00 Damon talks about (goat) herd management with sweet food


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