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  1. xileffilex

    A surreal video of Matt seemingly allowed to burn a copy of the 9/11 report on the jumpiest patch of open space in London,right outside the US embassy and a solitary cop showing no number comes up and listens attentively to a homily on Building 7…[Sept 18 2014]
    a gaggle of cops stands back at a distance. Surely they would normally descend on such an act en mass? [actually we do see another officer briefly at 1:43 – I dob’t think that’s he chipping in at 3:50….]

    follow up interview with PressTV

  2. khammad

    Dear Matt Campbell,

    Can you tell me why you would allow such a horrid image of your deceased brother in the media?

  3. Banazîr Galbasi

    ‘Matt’ also had this to say:

    ” Matt Campbell said…

    @ Anon 6.47pm

    Of course I have family photos, however given Simon’s ‘analysis’ of a couple of photos and a few numpties pulling apart my first time ever speaking in public about my brother and 9/11 (at the reinvestigate911 meeting on 12th Sept 2013), I have ZERO confidence in him doing any real vetting or analysis of ANYTHING I offer up as proof.

    He’s apparently got hard evidence I’m both a fraudster and a spook and my brother is a simulated victim?
    Show me, the burden of proof is on Simon NOT me.

    I think Simon owes Caroline, me and probably many other vicsim family members an apology AND his forumites and website readers who have been let down by his sloppy, lazy research into me and my brother, which is almost as pathetic as the Official Conspiracy Theory itself, which has resulted in his website being shut down (NOT what I asked for – indeed as far as I could tell Simon actually complied with MY requests to the ISP to remove the defamatory, abusive comments. Even though he did that (within 24 hours), after 48 hours the ISP appear to have taken the site down).

    I will meet any “Geoff Campbell Vicsim believer” & Simon Shack (or whatever his/her name is) in PERSON (as I suggested to SS when I was speaking at the 9/11 debate at Kent University last Tuesday), under these following conditions:

    1) Clear criteria on what proof is needed

    2) Independent verification (from a mutually agreed person or people)

    And when I convince 2) I want:

    A VERY PUBLIC, HUMBLE APOLOGY from Simon Shack (or whatever his/her real name is) to Caroline & myself AND to everyone who ever believed that I was a fraudster and a spook and Geoff was a simulated victim. And to PUBLICLY admit he has let himself down and everyone who knows him as a REAL person.

    I’m not a paranoid person, but as I waste my time writing these comments rebutting nonsense, I can’t help feeling that people or entities like Simon Shack (or whatever his/her name is) are paid trolls to waste people’s time who do NOT believe the Official Conspiracy Theory (like myself) AND distract us/me from ever getting anyone (INCLUDING the main stream media) in a court of law for what they’ve done on the biggest lie (the OCT of 9/11) foisted upon this or any other generation.

    Matt Campbell (brother of Geoff Campbell murdered on 9/11).
    7:38 pm ”

    So the burden of proof is on Simon, ha ha! How does one prove a negative by the way?

    Good one buddy, lets all try to prove that someone never existed with only his ‘disappearance’ to go on.

    Surely if you’d really lost a family member you would want to get to the bottom of it. Check out the rest of the research before you cement yourself into the shill hall of fame in trying to discredit the only buch of guys in the world who are actually trying to figure this thing out. (Was your use of the word ‘vicsim’ a slip of the finger, because you actually used it correctly.)


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