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Cluesforum on archive.org

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You still can access a copy of cluesforum.info at archive.org. It appears to be about a year old, but it’s better than nothing.

Index page • Cluesforum.info.

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Striped blue office shirts

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All stories are suspicious to me, especially promoted crime stories. Of course I believe crime does happen, but that won’t stop me from looking for the clues: imagery, occult numerology, or striped blue shirts.

The suspect was not injured in the incident. Footage from outside the office building showed a man wearing a striped blue office shirt and dress pants being led into a police cruiser.

via Former employee allegedly stabs 4 at Toronto office building – Toronto – CBC News.

Odd that of all the ways to describe a suspect, they’d come up with that.  Beside the fact that this story is full of holes, including not even naming the hospital the injured went to, plus all the normal missing details of psyOp hoaxes.

Cluesforum.info’s Blue Striped Shirt Thread

Striped blue shirts appear in many psyOps, apparently as another bat-signal to those in the know.

I’ll link to cluesforum.info‘s big thread on that when it’s back.

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Tower volcanoes

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Andy Tyme, a long time listener of 9/11 radio propagandist Fetzer, explains to The Dr. why oh why fake it the way they did:

Dr. Fetzer rhetorically asked:
“Why in the world would anyone fake videos that show the official account of their collapse cannot be correct?”
Here’s why, Jim.
A really effective psy-op needs a strong and long lasting EMOTIONAL PUNCH!!!
Network television’s endlessly repeated, astonishing, CGI-fabricated videos of the top-down, descending-and-dissolving “Tower Volcanoes” (great term!) were intended to be far more spectacular, shocking and gut-wrenchingly memorable than would have been some genuinely live, close shots of the way each tower actually fell, mostly cloaked behind a massive smokescreen — as the result of an actual, bottom-upwards, controlled demolition. (And how could the public, even as gullible as they proved to be, ever accept a bottom-up collapse being caused by a fire at the top?)
The decision to eventually assign NIST to “explain” the towers” collapse may or may not have been part of the original plan — but hey, no matter!
What those much-credentialled, “scientific’ experts were then confronted with was their “patriotic duty” to come up with a highly technical-sounding EXCUSE for the towers’ inability to survive the very kind of damage they were purportedly designed to withstand.
And since attributing the buildings’ collapses to violent, internal forces generated by ANY kind of pre-planted explosive devices would have been an IMPERMISSIBLE, even UNTHINKABLE HERESY, those NIST boffins were “boxed in” to a seemingly inescapable quandry.
So, after “dragging their feet” through a long series of delays, they finally decided to ignore BOTH the spectacularly false videos AND the institute’s mandate to use them as “evidence” in explaining the destruction. Instead, those cowards-in-white-coats “punted,” releasing a convoluted, tortuous and lengthy critique of the towers’ alleged construction-design flaws — a “study” that ends its timeline just as each collapse is about to begin its television-depicted, IMPOSSIBLE, free-fall descent.
And since the controlled media would, of course, brook NO serious questioning of NIST’s suspicious avoidance of explaining the (occultically symbolic) 9- and 11-second “volcanic” freefalls, the perps could sleep well, knowing they got away with it.

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Fabian approach to nuclear fraud

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Removing the nuclear portfolio out of the “watchful” and “publicly accountable” public sector is another incremental step in the complete subversion of the nuclear power fraud besetting Ontario.

Ontario’s entire nuclear fleet could be run more efficiently and effectively by one private operator — Bruce Power, says the company’s CEO.

Duncan Hawthorne told the Toronto Sun editorial board Tuesday he’s interested in taking over the Darlington and Pickering nuclear plants, which are currently operated by the publicly owned Ontario Power Generation (OPG).

If you thought it would be possible to know anything about nuclear power and where billions of your tax dollars are going now, if this scheme goes through, you can forget it.

No, I’m not going to tell you,” Hawthorne said, when asked his salary. “At the end of the day, this comes down to what’s the price of the power.”

via Bruce Power CEO pitches to run all Ontario nuclear plants | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun.

Sir Adam Beck would be spinning in his grave if he knew what has happened to the idea of public power. Like all organizations, it’s been taken over and destroyed by the psychopaths that rule over us.

Beck was an early and prominent advocate of publicly owned electricity grids, opposing the privately owned companies who he felt did not adequately serve the needs of the public. With the slogan “Power at Cost” and in Latin, “dona naturae pro populo sunt” (“the gifts of nature are for the public”), he convinced Premier Whitney to create a board of enquiry on the matter, with him as chairman. The enquiry suggested creating a municipally owned hydroelectric system, funded by the provincial government, and using water from Niagara Falls and other Ontario lakes and rivers. In 1906 Whitney appointed Beck the first chairman of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission. He was knighted by King George V in 1914 for his promotion of electricity and development of transmission lines.

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Science subversion

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I’ve always questioned my teachers. I always liked science, but had many problems with what I was being taught. Only now am I understanding why. It is becoming clear that science is based on a new beLIEf system, and is buttressed by propaganda of the most intense kind to fabricate consensus and imply FACT. If there were or are any real facts, then it’s hard to find which are which buried under the massive piles of lies and deceptions — similar to “news”.

Here is a case in point. This is how almost all “news” originates now: from a press release. PR. PROPAGANDA. The thrust of it is that only 74% (11) beLIEve in the Copernicun THEORY that the earth revolves around the sun. A theory is everyone’s best guess – but it’s not FACT.

I doubt there was any survey by anybody. If you read carefully, no faculty member is listed as conducting the study, only one is listed as reviewing the data, and he’s from the PROPAGANDA department.

Please remember that the media is a weapon being used against you. Most is military propaganda used to shape your world view and thoughts.

Even liar for hire Dan Rather mentioned recently that not 6 but 4 companies control the majority of the world’s media.

That is an awesome concentration of power that no individual, corporation, government or alliance can defeat.

Only a few disparate fakeologist minds will be spared. Enjoy your mental freedom while you can.

Note all our favorite numbers in this press release.

While most Americans could be a bit more knowledgeable in the ways of science, a majority are interested in hearing about the latest scientific breakthroughs and think highly of scientists.

This is according to a survey of more than 2,200 people conducted by the National Science Foundation, one that is conducted every two years and is part of a report – Science and Engineering Indicators – that the National Science Board provides to the president and Congress.

A Michigan State University faculty member served as lead author for the chapter in the report that covers public perceptions of science. John Besley, an associate professor in MSU’s Department of Advertising and Public Relations, reviewed the data, as well as similar surveys from around the world, and highlighted key findings on Feb. 14 during the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

According to the survey, more than 90 percent of Americans think scientists are “helping to solve challenging problems” and are “dedicated people who work for the good of humanity.”

“It’s important for Americans to maintain a high regard for science and scientists,” said Besley, who also is the Ellis N. Brandt Chair in Public Relations. “It can help ensure funding and help attract future scientists.”

Unfortunately, Americans still have a tough time answering some basic science questions. Out of a total of nine questions that covered the physical and biological sciences, the average score was 6.5 correct answers.

For example, only 74 percent of those queried knew that the Earth revolved around the sun, while fewer than half (48 percent) knew that human beings developed from earlier species of animals.


H/t Banazir for the original article.

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Work of fiction about fiction

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Many layers of the proverbial onion on this story. Most likely fake outrage by a fake tourist about a real picture of a fake event.

The 9/11 story is truly a global, never ending myth.

Tourist's shock at Thai temple which has mural of 9/11 terror attacks | Mail Online

A mural in a Thai temple has been criticised as ‘totally inappropriate’ for depicting the 9/11 terrorist attacks alongside comic book characters and celebrities.

The White Temple at Chiang Rai is the bizarre pet project of controversial Thai artist Chalermchai Kositpipat

As well as depicting planes flying into the Twin Towers, the mural at Chiang Rai features fictional characters such as Spiderman and Harry Potter, celebrities like Michael Jackson, as well as fighter jets and spaceships.

via Tourist’s shock at Thai temple which has mural of 9/11 terror attacks | Mail Online.

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