Fabian approach to nuclear fraud

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Removing the nuclear portfolio out of the 0;watchful” and “publicly accountable” public sector is another incremental step in the complete subversion of the nuclear power fraud besetting Ontario.

Ontario’s entire nuclear fleet could be run more efficiently and effectively by one private operator — Bruce Power, says the company’s CEO.

Duncan Hawthorne told the Toronto Sun editorial board Tuesday he’s interested in taking over the Darlington and Pickering nuclear plants, which are currently operated by the publicly owned Ontario Power Generation (OPG).

If you thought it would be possible to know anything about nuclear power and where billions of your tax dollars are going now, if this scheme goes through, you can forget it.

No, I’m not going to tell you,” Hawthorne said, when asked his salary. “At the end of the day, this comes down to what’s the price of the power.”

via Bruce Power CEO pitches to run all Ontario nuclear plants | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun.

Sir Adam Beck would be spinning in his grave if he knew what has happened to the idea of public power. Like all organizations, it’s been taken over and destroyed by the psychopaths that rule over us.

Beck was an early and prominent advocate of publicly owned electricity grids, opposing the privately owned companies who he felt did not adequately serve the needs of the public. With the slogan 0;Power at Cost” and in Latin, 0;dona naturae pro populo sunt1; (“the gifts of nature are for the public”), he convinced Premier Whitney to create a board of enquiry on the matter, with him as chairman. The enquiry suggested creating a municipally owned hydroelectric system, funded by the provincial government, and using water from Niagara Falls and other Ontario lakes and rivers. In 1906 Whitney appointed Beck the first chairman of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission. He was knighted by King George V in 1914 for his promotion of electricity and development of transmission lines.

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  1. el sushi de la mancha

    I just love that comment posted on the Slavebook account of my Canadian friend Charley regarding the criminally insane inflation (VAT rise) going on in sushi land at the moment…
    Couldn’t have it said better !


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