Striped blue office shirts

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All stories are suspicious to me, especially promoted crime stories. Of course I believe crime does happen, but that won’t stop me from looking for the clues: imagery, occult numerology, or striped blue shirts.

The suspect was not injured in the incident. Footage from outside the office building showed a man wearing a striped blue office shirt and dress pants being led into a police cruiser.

via Former employee allegedly stabs 4 at Toronto office building – Toronto – CBC News.

Odd that of all the ways to describe a suspect, they’d come up with that.  Beside the fact that this story is full of holes, including not even naming the hospital the injured went to, plus all the normal missing details of hoaxes.’s Blue Striped Shirt Thread

Striped blue shirts appear in many , apparently as another bat-signal to those in the know.

I’ll link to‘s big thread on that when it’s back.

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4 thoughts on “Striped blue office shirts

  1. FauxCapitalist

    I examined this story after noticing it around 11 AM EDT.…

    Google and Bing show the MSN article being posted three hours before the reported stabbings, and the article time agrees with them, and I have included the original article, cached from Bing, which shows a time of 10:24 GMT (6:24 AM EDT). Even if there was some West Coast/East Coast timing issue, it would put the article as late as 9:24 AM EDT, which is at least six minutes before the reports say the stabbings occurred.

    Search engines show the time since an article was first posted, based on the particular URL, so I currently don’t see any other explanation for this time discrepancy other than the article was posted before the reported event.

    1. FauxCapitalist

      I have since discovered that MSN’s article times in GMT are actually in Eastern Time. Also, other non-controversial articles are being posted before they appear on CBC’s site. It may be that they are creating the page near the start of the day and then updating them later. Therefore, I continue to hold that wide-spread fakery along the likes of 9/11 is the exception rather than the rule, in being rare rather than frequent.

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