Great shot Jeremy!

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A FedEx tractor-trailer crossed a grassy freeway median and slammed into a bus carrying high school students on a visit to a college, killing 10 people, authorities said.

via Fiery U.S. crash between truck and bus with high school students kills 10 | Toronto Star.

Fantastic luck being at the right place at the right time for this shot. For some reason the fireball looked familiar to me. Is there a fireball option in photoslop by now? Do I need to mention 9 people died?



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17 thoughts on “Great shot Jeremy!

  1. JohnnyClues


    “Fresh out of the hospital, Bonnie and Joe Duran came back, drawn to the spot where they almost lost their lives in a deadly crash between a tour bus and a FedEx truck.”

    I guess Duran Duran have some good reflexes.
    “…Every Little Thing The Reflex Does, Leaves You Answered With A Question Mark…”

    1. columjaddica

      Haha, Duran Duran of course being world famous for fakery.

      If this shit is all coincidence, well, it’s hard to imagine. Even for a person prone to pattern recognition (that recognizes they are prone to that). Crazy.

      They gotta be laughing all the way. I know I am now

  2. columjaddica

    ORLAND (CBS13) — Fresh out of the hospital, Bonnie and Joe Duran came back, drawn to the spot where they almost lost their lives in a deadly crash between a tour bus and a FedEx truck.

    “Somehow we survived,” said Bonnie Duran. “I looked over and saw the FedEx truck coming straight for me.”

    “It was like a 3-D movie,” said Joe Duran. “Imagine a Mack truck coming out of a movie.”

    Keep on pushin’ those limits……

  3. Gwynned

    Okay, this is very strange. I have a good friend who is a recruiter for HSU and personally knows the recruiter that died. In fact, I texted her this morning as I heard from my son she was in tears. So I can assure everyone here that, if this is fake, she and everyone else here in Humboldt believes it to be true and there are genuine outpourings of sadness from this relatively small community. Here’s a link to the Lost Coast Outpost which has the most updated info on what is going on. and the community’s reaction to it.

    So what am I/we are to make of this? What is the point? Is HSU being compensated for this event? Why?

    1. khammad

      Good point Gwynned. This is about media fakery. We are looking at the veracity of the images, which have been shown to be false. Why? Is it just that the media whores go for the most sensational pictures whether they are true or false? Is part of the story true, but part false? How are we to know when the pictures are faked?

      No one is saying, yet, that the entire scenario is fake, but what we are alluding to is the fact that parts of this story are already fake.

      Most likely, the bus crash happened. Along comes the media, crap, flames are already out and students have been sped away. Time to fake a few pictures to get more attention to this story: add a few flames, get some teenagers to walk around and turn back the hands of time.

      So far the ONLY name released of the deceased is Arthur Arzola.

      This is a very sad event and shame on the media for faking pictures for their own benefit.

      1. Gwynned

        Sorry, but your explanation makes no sense. If they were going to paint some fiery details to sell air time, why do such a sloppy job? Are you suggesting there was a crash, but it wasn’t photogenic enough, so they embellished it so the story sold better?

        Since the recruiter is the one person I know to be real, I did a bit of research. He had been at Humboldt for 8 months but his wife was still living in Southern California. He had applied for a position down south so that he could be with his wife. Odd that his wife didn’t move up with him. Did they know all along it was only temporary? This may mean nothing either, but the current President of HSU (who has not been well liked) has resigned and will be replaced in July.

        1. ab Post author

          Gwynned: it seems we cannot know the exact mechanics of these hoaxes. They are complex and use elements of fakery mixed with real props and people. I doubt real people die, but I too was confronted with a case where someone knew the shootersim and even went to the open casket funeral. I don’t know the exact length of duplicity but one can imagine that it is thorough. Without a physical investigation we can only judge from a safe distance and be left wondering.

    1. columjaddica

      One thing about those two pics, it appears that both pics contain the same tree in them (the tall tree) from different angles, but many other parts of the landscape are different.

      1. khammad

        So apparently, from that video, there are only 3 pictures of the firey crash. The video does active zooming as if to appear there is a video of the burning crash. No video exists except for the burnt out shells of a bus and trailer.

        Question: Why would an injured person, as shown in the video, wait around the crash site meandering around, again, injured, long enough for the bus to completely burn out? Don’t they want to get home and have a seat, maybe get something to eat, maybe put some neosporin on those cuts?
        Instead, they walk around like zombies, while the emergency workers just seem to watch. Very surreal.

  4. khammad

    Turns out making a fireball digitally is difficult and not very believable.

    Here are some examples:

    Brush and smudge explosion effect…

    clone stamp and radial blur…

    If digital fireball images were easy, the pyrotechnics industry would be out of business.

    The old cut and paste job is still in use.

    Good thing for us fakeologists, because the tell-tale sign of digital manipulations are easy to find.

    The image credited to Jeremy Lockett form AP is no different.

    You can see the background layer and how the other layers were matched up using a cloning stamp (squares left behind), and how the fireball layer has smaller pixels then the rest of the image (this was pasted in), and how the topmost white smoke layer was smudged around. We can also see how the reflection in the bus back window was removed.

    Easy peasy.

      1. khammad

        I Love it!!!!!! That is sooooo funny. I can totally see the people of that era gasping in horror at the inferno as they view it in stereograph.

        “George, it just looks so real, it MUST be true!”


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