Intense 9/11 propaganda ahead

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WARNING: Intense propaganda, laced with occult too many to note, ahead.

It’s this level of propaganda that can make our message, well, mute.

It’s clear from this doc that NO expense was spared in building the tower and memorial. It seems to have had an unlimited budget. It almost makes the money regular people make irrelevant.

Overwhelmed is the best way I can describe my reaction to this video.

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3 thoughts on “Intense 9/11 propaganda ahead

  1. rickpotvin

    Ab, I’d like to comment but again– all your gadgets make it impossible. That’s not psychic driving– that’s just the beer talking. My policy on commenting on your valuable insights here from now on is to provide a link to my faster response forum. I’ve had it. My Network54 people took care of me with my scrambled forum– it’s back.. and it demonstrates the beauty of a fast forum. I just can’t deal with this slo motion despite my MacG4/osx10.4 admittedly a few years older but still fast and efficient. You even admitted you can’t handle chat when live radio is on. That should prove to you something is wrong with your site, bandwidth wise.

    You’re a half generation behind me and consider 9/11 to be the biggest fake but nothing beats landing on the moon. Still, 9/11 was the “fool me twice- shame on me” event for my gen. This crappy new building is likely empty too. Maybe its a setup for the missing plane to hit– again! Imagine how ticked off that would make nieve Americans. Thus an attack on Iran would be their solution.

    As the valuable work you and Simon and your guests have shown, the emporer has no clothes and a new building just shows how desperate they are. Truth is like water though. Water always leaks through the tiniest pores of structures weakening them– so too truth leaks through lies. Here’s a link to my expanded helpful leak on your current post.…

    1. khammad

      Ab was right. That video was HARD to watch. A day of reckoning would sure be great for all these … these … get-along-to-go-alongers.

      Rick, I love how you think outside the box:

      “This crappy new building is likely empty too.” I hadn’t even thought of that. Excellent.

      As was the problem when the twin towers were built, too much office space empty before the towers, there is still too much office space empty after the tower. Realistically, they STILL can’t rent out all those floors as office space.

      A quick Craigs list search shows in one week, Manhattan has 20,000 office spaces available.

      The Freedom Tower is having problems leasing its office space. At first, government agencies agreed to lease about 3 million of the 3.5 million square feet of office space available. Most of those backed out, leaving about 500,000 square feet to New York City entities.

      The Chinese are renting about 5 floors, about 175,000 square feet. Other than that, the tower is struggling to find people to lease office space. What? In this economy? How strange.

      Like last time, I bet Silverstein will blackmail a few banks/friends to lease empty space and never use it. Looks like Larry is up to his old tricks. Long time business associates, the Crains, have agreed to lease 500,000 square feet. All the articles I read said (as with the twin towers) nobody wants to lease in lower Manhattan. Its always been away from the business center of New York.

      So good on ya Rick, still empty.

      1. ab Post author

        Silverstein is a frontman. How many individuals own massive office complexes, let alone money losing ones? I hope people realize that he’s the useful stooge/jew to take the heat, that we see over and over again in these psyops.


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