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Has anything changed?

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This old video looks a lot different as a fakeologist. Would a 3×3 hole not down a plane, due to the severe loss of cabin pressure? Would people not be struggling for the air masks? Wouldn’t that be part of the story?

Instead, we hear of shrapnel, people getting cut, and people taking pictures – at the same time?confused

The more things change, the more things stay the same. History IS important, as it repeats for those that are paying attention. I doubt ANY of the current crop of sheep being scared are aware of this incredible repetition of the story, even on a year over year basis.

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40 Must See (Fake) Photos From The Past

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Not sure which is which, but interesting.

Important to recall how the space program started off. How fitting.

via 40 Must See (Fake) Photos From The Past.

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The cluesforum backup archive project

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New key updated 4/12/14

Always wanted your own copy of the cluesforum? Let’s use the technology to decentralize this great resource and help bridge the gap between “outages”.

Simply download bittorrent sync on your computer, create a directory, and use this key:


I will try and keep this set of files as fresh as possible, perhaps getting a copy once or twice a week.

Fakeologist.com also has a read only key: BXWFVNEFFO2LA4UBYD3S34JXZWQ6ACDXL

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ep2-Johnny Clues Live

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I guest on Johnny’s show with ID Kanspier.


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