ep2-Johnny Clues Live

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I guest on Johnny’s show with ID Kanspier.


Special Thanks To I.D.Kanspier and Ab Irato For Joining Me On The Fist Half Of Episode #2

What Is Metanoia?

Santa Claus Is a Fake Lie!
“Texas Teacher Tells Students Santa Claus Is Fake, Parents Furious”

Sandy Hook Is A Hoax!( only one of many vids exposing this hoax)

Ab’s Banana Ice Cream Recipe
– Take Frozen Bananas, Put Them Into A Powerful Blender
– Add A Little Bit Of Almond Milk
– Add A Little Bit Of Cinnamon
– Add A Little Vanilla
“And You Have What Pretty Much What Looks And Tastes Like Ice Cream And It’s Actually Good For You”

“Einstein, priming and the Denver Airport”

Denver Airport Images(Google Search)

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