ep2-Johnny Clues Live

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I guest on Johnny’s show with ID Kanspier.


Special Thanks To I.D.Kanspier and Ab Irato For Joining Me On The Fist Half Of Episode #2

What Is Metanoia?

Santa Claus Is a Fake Lie!
0; Teacher Tells Students Santa Claus Is Fake, Parents Furious1;

Sandy Hook Is A Hoax!( only one of many vids exposing this hoax)

Ab’s Banana Ice Cream Recipe
– Take Frozen Bananas, Put Them Into A Powerful Blender
– Add A Little Bit Of Almond Milk
– Add A Little Bit Of Cinnamon
– Add A Little Vanilla
0;And You Have What Pretty Much What Looks And Tastes Like Ice Cream And It’s Actually Good For You”

0;Einstein, priming and the Denver Airport”

Denver Airport Images(Google Search)

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