Has anything changed?

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This old video looks a lot different as a fakeologist. Would a 3×3 hole not down a plane, due to the severe loss of cabin pressure? Would people not be struggling for the air masks? Wouldn’t that be part of the story?

Instead, we hear of shrapnel, people getting cut, and people taking pictures – at the same time?confused

The more things change, the more things stay the same. History IS important, as it repeats for those that are paying attention. I doubt ANY of the current crop of sheep being scared are aware of this incredible repetition of the story, even on a year over year basis.

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3 thoughts on “Has anything changed?

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Well don’t they just all unravel so readily? Listening to Friday’s show and on the chat, talking about Vic sims at Pearl Harbour. You’d hope that many didn’t perish in flames like the papers and newsreels said. I’m happy to say they didn’t. It wasn’t LIHOP nah, nah, nah, it’s a complete fake. Same MO.

    Just days ago I was looking at Dunblane www.cluesforum.info/

    foreshadowed by Bob Geldof in I Don’t Like Mondays, here:

    and then that other MAJOR, maybe THE long- running Scottish disaster, Lockerbie.

    From an English perspective it’s close to home. I’ve lived in Britain with that one for the entire time.
    It’s been a running airplane psy-op. MH370 x however many years.

    The mystery surrounding it, and general non-specifics regarding exactly what went on with that flight
    has meant it sits like a reference to the spectre of ‘terrorism’ to refer to at will.

    My ( fairly uneducated ie i haven’t really looked at it ) impression is that It was questionably pinned on Libya for years – so there was a soap opera of the Libyan guy going to jail, then getting out on humanitarian grounds( he was dying of cancer and he was innocent???), then seeming to be alright, and then we ‘invaded’ Libya and the oil goes through Qatar now.

    It’s a BIG Scottish psy-op that one, in other words.

    Didn’t that 747 cockpit land beautifully for the cameras? The pilot could have almost stepped out of it if he’d kept his belt on is what I thought at the time, wishing them not dead.

    Hey, sometimes your wishes come true in the world of make-believe.

  2. rickpotvin

    Ab is there a new show tonite? If not and you want a guest, call me. Wheres the countdown gadget? Where’s the chat? My forum is back up so if you call me, we’ll have talking points all laid out. Thanks for putting me on the “blogroll”– the modern form of honor roll I would think. www.network54.com/Forum/153202…

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