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The Chicago Theater Fire hoax, 1875

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If this is a true hoax, then newspapers have been playing games since the beginning.

The theater fire hoax became emblematic of the no-holds-barred style of journalistic sensationalism that emerged towards the end of the century.


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ep2.5-JC Live

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Johnny does it again with ID Kanspier, Videre, Banazir.thumbsup

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More on the mechanics of some of the defects of the 9/11 imagery, since updated and corrected as the years go by.

The “GRAYBOXING” glitches – and related digital bugs

Having mentioned over in the CGI Collapse thread (“HANDSCHUH DISASTER”) the word “gray(or grey)boxing”, I’d just like to briefly expound on this little-known technical term used by 3-D graphic designers / animators and video-game developers. As it is, I found a neat, concise description of the concept on this website run by professional videogame artists:

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No(va) help on 9/11 myth

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Had some time today and watched this piece of shameless propaganda.

I was an avid viewer of NOVA in the past. More proof that no media outlet is on our side.

Sep 11 – “Why the Towers Fell” – Nova PBS: youtu.be/KPqxJpykW00

Some lowlights:
-plane impact blew the insulation right off the steel, exposing it to the fires and causing it to melt
-squeegee in elevator story
-ladder 6 climbing to 93rd floor
-building “swayed” when hit by plane

None of this can make sense to a thinking person.

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