ep2.5-JC Live

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Johnny does it again with ID Kanspier, Videre, Banazir.thumbsup

ShowNotes For Ep#2.5 Of JC Live

Special Thanks To My Guests – I.D. Kanspier, Videre, And Live Listener Banazir.

Spot The ISS

3 Ways To Spot If An Image Has Been Manipulated

Fakeologist “KHammad”‘s Work
“Traffic From A Tap”
“Great Shot Jeremy”

The Global Hawk

Baby Fakery

The C.A.L.M. Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act)

Hocus Pocus

“The Bathtub Girls” Alleged Killing Spawn Movie

Jungle Surfer’s Exposure Of The Michael Hastings Hoax

Sim Snowden Snowjob

Alleged Student On Doctor “Oz” (as in…the Wizard)

SNL Weekend Update With Norm MacDonald (“Hi I’m Norm MacDonald, And Now The Fake News”)

A Psyop Just For Me?

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12 thoughts on “ep2.5-JC Live

  1. xileffilex

    Good show, just found it. ID Kanspier [get him back, Ab ++] drops the Michael Hastings psy-op in at about 1:48:00 – he’s reckons he’s gone through the sheep dip [not his words] or “witness protection program”
    Seems a standard faked crash to me…
    a commenter there reckons that James Gandolfini was recycled [I always thought this]
    …someone pops up only a few months ago to comment there in who reckons Hastings was dipped.

    ditto controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko [Rerevisionist’s comment below]

    ++ fakeologist.com/2014/04/11/ep9…

    1. xileffilex

      Very intersting exchange here… [from 2:02:55]
      Videre “you still believe there are real victims?”

      ID “[pause] I think there has, I think .. I’ll just put it this way, I think there’s another element to 9/11 that – that’s not talked about for some reason and that’s basically all I am going to – kind of talk about right now until I get to where i can gather my thoughts, make sure I have another, er perspective and maybe have a few more people that at least kind of share the…”

      Videre cuts him off and changes the subject briefly

      ID “I think there are vicsims…..I am fully 100 per cent think that there are vicsims but to what rate to what percentage To what percentage…….it involves the witness protection program and that’s all I am going to say. That’s all…..”

      I think he’s referring to the ratio of synthetic victims and sheep dipped victims.

      Fascinating section towards 2:11:00

      Like I said, Ab, round him up again.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Ah , I.D. Long time. He was a warm, soft, character.

        I finally see what you’re getting at, I think, xileffilex,
        I was just being slow and hadn’t quite got what you were talking about with

        It’s that long-term thing you’ve had with the nature of psyop victims, isn’t it?
        Certainly, I think the idea of real characters going in to some kind of witness protection program is long considered a given, around here, alongside, of course, the idea of ‘vicsims’.

        This conversation came up when we talked about that character that Max knew.
        Hoi joined that conversation. Wasn’t it concluded that the guy might well have been real and he could have been put in a witness protection type thing. That was considered quite possible.

        If people are going around saying that all psyop ‘victims’ are sims, then that’s a strawman, an Aunt Sally of an argument. You can shoot it down easily.
        I’m not sure they are though, are they?

        It’s a tactic of disinfo to be noted.
        You cannot toss-off a psyop victim as a sim, necessarily. at all.
        No way Hose. No way hose? I t doesn’t really have the same panache without the accent, does it?
        I say that, only to distract you from the previous sentence where I mentioned tossing-off a psyop victim.

        To be honest, I’m not saying I have, or ever would, but clearly, I could have.

        1. xileffilex

          It all boils down to how we define vicsims, Tom. Critical Mass put it into the Urban Dictionary. Since someone injured is a victim, a crisis actor is also a vicsim.
          All that cast who shuffled off from the Tunisian Beach had good back stories and paper trails of births, marriages [and of course deaths, now] – it’s mind boggling how they are recruited. Adverts in the back of Private Eye magazine for quick money? A chat with a retirement advisor at work? I’d certainly be acting a little strange on the verge of a new life, trying to keep up appearances.
          I can understand how the crisis actors are recruited, pretty standard stuff, but are they told real people are going to be reported as really dead in the drill? I guess the “drill gone live” gets round this, plus gagging clauses, but there was no reported simultandous Tunisian drill was there?

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Fair point, ‘my sloppy’. The exact definition of psyop victims is clearly important.
            A ‘vicsim’ , is a broad term.

            I think you and I are both pretty much on the same page.
            With Tunisia, we see that this set of victims look largely, at least, to be real people who have been ‘pretend-deaded’ and retired elsewhere.

            Without the need to create thousands of victims in Tunisia – as with 9/11 for eg – it appears that the planners preferred this method , with Sousse.
            Not only are they not vulnerable to being found out as non-entities, they have an extended group of friends and families who will continue to promote the Op in their memory.
            This is the stronger way to simulate victims, and to give the Op credibility, we’d probably agree ?

            How the heck do they recruit them? Good question.
            Money, springs to mind. Also a certain personality profile. We saw a few links to the Police in the victim profiles. That’s a little clue, isn’t it?
            These people would have done this for Queen and Country, to help fight terrorism.

            Also, it’s not as if ‘they’ do it all the time -not on this scale.
            These people could be very carefully picked over a long period of time.
            Sousse was by far the biggest terrorist attack on British people since 2005.
            It sometimes seems crazy that there’s all these not-dead psyop victims running around, but in the grand scheme of things, there’s not very many, really.
            They can blend in. They’re dependent on their handlers for their security, post op. Financially and physically.
            These people, are perhaps more controllable, in reality, after they’ve done it?

          2. xileffilex

            Good post, Tom.
            When I say recruited, really I mean identified or approached. [once you’re approached and decline for some reason, you have to be tied in with a confidentiality agreement also – or if something comes up suddenly which means you have to stay behind for a while, you may get offered a “trip” on the next psy-op in the pipeline. Top of List B if you like] I have no idea how that happens. Imagine if all the millions of Northern European people retired around the Med had been offered it free! The first approach….

            50 is probably a manageable number. What was the UK contribution to 9/11? High 60s, but many of those had no real connection with the UK any longer, no assets or job there, no probate, just close relatives at the end of skype or facebook] The US must have supplied real 9/11 deaths too. But over 2500?? That would take some management. All those mass disasters – train crashes, fires etc. – from well before 9/11 would have been useful proving grounds for life management.

            A recent example of a well set up victim is the t-shirt business owner and cajun country singer Jillian Johnson in the recent Lafayette theatre shooting hoax. Lots of back story, videos but a crappy script for the hoax itself.
            The one on the left here…

  2. columjaddica

    There are stories in the news that are real, but they are not broadcast beyond the area of interest.

    There are also stories that are acted out with “sim-munitions” directly in front of fooled public (but held back at a distance). They do some of these in the Denver area now, hostage situations etc, and there’s usually somebody cited in the story with connection to combat simulation with simulated munitions. Some names show up with such frequency in school shootings etc that it’s impossible to be chance occurrence

    I need to post about one of these in the forum. It’s interesting to consider that they don’t always do it the same way. My own observation

  3. columjaddica

    Videre mentioned Snowden on the screen. They did that at SXSW. They also did that amazing psyop where a drunk in a fully-automatic assault vehicle ran over a woman on a moped and a Dutchman on a bicycle (seriously). Most Agenda-21 psyop ever. That conference was a powwow for hoaxers on the cutting edge of social-media.

    The media from that psyop looks worse than Boston Marathon. I know, that sounds impossible.


    A Dutchman on a bicycle!

    1. columjaddica

      “When the sun started to peek over Red River Street Thursday morning, all you could see were squad cars.”


      So many cocky PR “professionals” together in one place

    1. ab Post author

      Great show, great talk. Technicals: Johnny get closer to the mic, Videre back off the mic (or turn down record level in windows sound), and ID buy a new mic.

  4. JohnnyClues

    Some Show Notes For Episode 2 (note – show notes are for the full episode 2 – not in order though)

    Denver Airport BS Slogan

    Bathtub Girls Movie

    ‘Lost’ $20M egg resurfaces after vanishing 112 years ago

    Message in a bottle found 101 years after it was tossed into the sea

    Spot The I.S.S.

    3 Ways To Spot If An Image Had Been Manipulated (H/T – Johan B)

    When I Referenced Fakeologist KHammad

    When Banazir G Referenced Norm MacDonald


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