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Simon was right to publish this email. While I’ve received threats from the shillery around the Bosma hoax, no one threatened me with physical violence.

I’ve added a signature to my email and a caveat to all who correspond with me via the website: don’t write anything you don’t want published, or record anything in my Skype voicemail that you don’t want broadcast.

The perps must be getting anxious over cluesforum’s growing accuracy and diffusion with emails like Matt’s.

Just to keep y’all updated, Matt is now angry with me again – and wants me to be flogged publicly. Or worse.

I normally would never publish any personal e-mail exchanges without permission from the sender, but since the below sentence includes, shall we say, threats of physical violence and torture (if not public lynching) against my persona – I will make an exception :

Matt Campbell wrote:
0;That public challenge still stands, although I might add some damages and perhaps a public flogging or old fashioned ‘in the stocks’ when you you are shown to be who you really are.”


Abirato cyberherding for clues again:)

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7 years ago

I’m guessing he just has his tar-and-feathering victims mixed up. Pitchforks?

7 years ago

No one in the uk has used that phrase in 100 years. He was posting over at the tap blog, when i asked him a few questions he just started a ramble about simon and stopped posting. and he answered using 2 accounts. He has a real hard on for this public showdown with simon.