Death is an evolution

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What are we to make of this story?

Is it put out just for advanced researchers, like us hoax/fakeologists?

Are we to subconsciously realize there is no hope in what we are doing, so we should start planning our evolution into the grave?


9/11 and investigative journalist Michael Ruppert has reportedly committed suicide.

The 63-year-old former narcotics investigator with the LAPD shot himself after his radio show, according to an announcement by author Carolyn Baker who was a guest on his final broadcast on Sunday.…

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9 thoughts on “Death is an evolution

  1. Gwynned

    The guy died on my friend’s property. He is dead. From everything I’ve heard about him over the years, I have to think he was quite unbalanced, and never seemed to stay in any one place very long. Seems he felt that way about earth in general.

    Here’s the full story.…

    I could have sworn I posted this previously. Did it get deleted for some reason?

  2. columjaddica

    He was the one that convinced me (for awhile) of the justifications for Agenda 21. I never bought into the solutions but bought into the doom.

    Death is an evolution reminds me of Agenda 21. Just another part of the new era that is being established

    The guy was always kind of a phantom, and appeared very mysterious to me. I used to follow him, and also spent a lot of time over on the far different researching peak oil. Way too much time

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Oh maaan, yeh.

      I was laughing at this Lockerbie phychic-driving the other day.

      Key witness Mr Gould:- heard a loud bang
      ”The immediate thought of Mr Gould was that Chapelcross, the nearby nuclear power station, had exploded.

      He says he went back into his house in Park Place and went up into the timber part at the top which would have offered less protection.

      “With a nuclear blast you don’t want to survive,” Mr Gould says.

      We should make light of these depressing, fallacious, foolish, suggestions.

    2. psyopticon

      Ruppert was a fraud; a mouthpiece of Big Oil. His slant on 911 – that it was a desperate attempt to secure the last major oil reserves – never really took hold. Pretty much everything he claimed was at best tenuous – the apocalyptic Hubbert Curve predicting Peak Oil, the (finite) Biological Origin of Oil, and so on. Theories of convenience for the Oil industry.

      His seminal book – Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil – is a dull and long-winded work of fiction.

      Was he really ever a detective with the LAPD? His analysis of the international drug trade – which he claimed proved his worth as a 911 truth-seeker – was largely an exercise in deflection.

      No study of the Dope Trade in the States could overlook the involvement of the noble families of Britain, and their control of the trade since the days of Prohibition through organised crime gangs like the Bronfmans and the Triads. Yet Ruppert doesn’t even bother presenting an historical perspective to Dope Incorporated. Unlike, say, the editors of Executive Intelligence Review, who document the foundation of the Drug Trade as a global organised crime network epitomised by the Honourable British East India Company.

      Dunno what happened to Ruppert, if anything. If he didn’t just commit pseudocide, to painlessly join the Dead Celebrity Program, did he just croak of old age? His natural death dressed up, by previous agreement, as a violent end? He was 64, red in the face, and fat. No loss, any way.

  3. Tom Dalpra

    Here’s my take. Back in Victorian times, the real power who could pull real strings, write history books and control the media, decided: ‘Right, this religion stuff is okay, but people are sussing it, surely it can’t last, and they often behave so …lovingly..and it’s not good for business. Let’s re-evaluate where we came from. Let’s bung something together and sell it to them. ”What shall we call it?” asked one schemer ”How about love backwards. The reverse of love, hawhawhaw.” And Evolution was born.

    I certainly don’t think it’s a message for us Ab. Not unless you believe in evolution ? Good question maybe.
    If you don’t believe in evolution then it’s a joke, getting in the evolution hoax as a ‘dramatic’ send off. Man you know that’s gonna be on his Wikipedia forever…in death he can be attributed an evolution affirmation, even though it’s only hearsay.

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