2 thoughts on “Recycled hoaxes

  1. khammad

    There is a major flaw in the video that claims the pictures of the ranchers are photoshopped. The author claims that if you zoom in and see a ‘halo’, that means cut and paste. This is not the case. Most pictures, when you zoom in, will have that halo around objects.

    Try this yourself. Take a picture with your cell phone and email it to yourself. Start to zoom in. At a point, you will see the halo around images.

    This is an easy thing to check. If the author spent all that time on the video, but could not check to see if the halo thing was true, then I call him untrustworthy. if he did it on purpose, then I call him a shill. Either way, he’s out.

  2. khammad

    I believe the Bundy Ranch story as told by Sean Daly, a long time listener of John Friend and the Realist Report. Sean went to the stand off, with his gun, and stood along side the ranchers.


    The video above is from a youtube channel that has videos that are only 1 month old. We do not know the author. Not trustworthy.

    John Friend, however, tries his best to vet his sources. He is very trustworthy.

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