Dustban 12

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Recorded April 17, 2014

Dustban 12 with Banazir, Dusty Ash, PETER SHEEHAN, Videre Licet, Johnny C.

= 01/0, Culto, Controlled Opposition, Fringe research and how it all ties together with numerology, astrology, rituals and media programming, Legal non-living entities and our submission into slavery, Spiritual Awakening.


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6 thoughts on “Dustban 12

  1. Gwynned

    I don’t know what to make of Peter’s trident story or whether he speaks with forked tongue, but the trident seems to be a theme lately and especially with the missing jet which has a trident on the tail. But he never explained why he thought 4/21 or 4/22 would be ‘the’ day? And I have to know what his one lie was. And I have to agree with Peter that this story appears to be heading for a happy ending, but it wouldn’t be much of a story if there wasn’t some major drama just ahead of the surprise ending.

  2. Banazîr Galbasi

    Episode 12 in a (rather large) nutshell:

    FATHER TED, Warrick Davis, JFK = 01/09/11, David Rockefeller, Culto’s Threads, Lets Roll Forums, Jim Fetzer, Sirius the Dogstar, Princess Diana/Isis, Connecting Paris and New York, Rituals, Shanksville, Horselover Phats, Michael Jackson, Blood on the Dance Floor, Chris Carter, MH370, Titanic, Public Enemy, All the World is a Stage, Gatekeepers: Good or Bad People?, Raising Our Consciousness, DNA, Lowering the Twin Towers, The Transformers, Big, We Are Gods, Kate of Gaia, Bible Allegory, Kool-Aid, Predictions, Ridiculousness, Medicine Man, Vegetarian Diet, Slave Farm, Legal Dead Entities, True Bills, Exiting the System, Max Egan, Spellcraft, White Man’s Burden, Natural Law, Whally Dove, The Money System, Black is White, Rock the Vote, The Osama we all Know and Love, Becoming Immune to Fear, 50th Year for Ascension and Jubilation, Beatle Juice/Beetlejuice/Beetlegeuse, Wild Heretic, Glass Dome, Holographic Moon, Astral Theology, The Moons Changing Mood, The Light in the Western Sky, The ISS, Laser Pointer, The Internet, Telling your Children, All will be Revealed, Columbo, Brain Power, Intimately Intricately Connected, The Ego and it’s Capitalism, Amsterdam’s Exports, Who is Johnny? The Truth in Movies, Marijuana, 420, Media’s Portrayal of Pot Smokers, Reefer Madness, Resisting Arrest, The Mark of the Beast, Living Without a Birth Certificate, Thinking Beyond the Fakery and Control and What does it all Mean?, Sworn Secrecy, Obama’s Children, Superhuman Murderers, Are THEY Trying to Wake us Up?, Dallas Goldbug, Increasingly Sloppy Psyops, Receiving their Signals, Optimistic Future, Psyopoly (Patent Pending), Synchronicity and the Unexplained, Mind Reading, Secret Technology, Baptism, Pete’s Vision, Farewells, DELTA SLEEP.

    1. columjaddica

      Great show. I enjoy your views Peter even though it’s hard for me to imagine the towers actually lowering into some underground lair. Even then, I enjoy it as a metaphor.

      You also mentioned not having the chance to see the WTC towers towering over at some hundreds of meters. I was there briefly as a tourist before the event and my memories of the towers were mostly obliterated by the overpowering force of TV on 9/11. I remember the inside more than the outside, and the outside should have been unforgettable. We’re all dependent on our perception and our memories. I struggle with what reality even is

      So glad there are more shows! Very exciting and I hope more people speak out.

  3. JohnnyClues

    When we discussed Mrs. Mary Jane in Dustban12 – (NOTE* – I am NOT promoting the use of it, I myself do not smoke it anymore)

    You can watch the propaganda used in this movie from 1936 to make this plant look as evil and scary to anyone who dares to date Mrs. Mary Jane.


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