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Suspend your disbeLIEf

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This story is to condition you to beLIEve anything you see on the “news”, no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

A 3-year-old boy who disappeared from his mother’s apartment in Lincoln, Neb., was discovered in the claw machine of a nearby bowling alley, KLKN-TV reported. There’s no word on how the child found his way inside the machine.

via Missing Nebraska boy found in claw machine | Veooz 360.

It seems there is a long history of children in claw vending machines. All future Houdini s, I presume?


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The truth about Alex Jones?

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As Mr. Jungle does his analysis of the Waco “Massacre”, a few thoughts came to mind. Since it appears that this too was a staged hoax, one must ask what’s Alex Jones’ role in all this?

First, I didn’t think much about Waco. I did see Alex’s doc on the event, and got all pumped up, as expected, against the government machine-

English: Radio host and documentary film maker...

English: Radio host and documentary film maker Alex Jones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

gunning innocents. Only now am I thinking a little more about Waco, and like 9/11, one must wonder, why is no one being charged or investigated for these crimes?

Alex Jones is shouting from the rooftops about the ATF‘s murdering of Christians practicing their rights. So why no attention from the powers that be? Is this another case of LIHOP vs MIHOP (let/made it happen on purpose)? Is there a third, and more likely option, that like 9/11, the whole event was a staged-for-CNN event (one of the first for CNN), and that since no one was hurt, there’s no need for an investigation?

Could this be why Alex Jones will never talk about media fakery and news manufacturing? Is all his bravado and bluster, railing against what appears to be a corrupt ATF, just a complete show? If so, it’s a 21 year old show that is still going on, and he’s the lead actor! If this theory is correct, the Waco-Oklahoma City bombing-militia-Christians against the government soap opera is one of the longest running hoaxes of all, considering Alex Jone’s whole premise is based on this event.

Exposing Alex Jones as the key driver of this hoax would surely help unravel his whole anti-government empire. He is a flesh and blood 1/2 of the dialectic: the other half is the spoofed corrupt government. While I don’t doubt there are corrupt people in the government, as in any organization, the overall theory of a collectivist group of individuals that we call a government (the more local, the more accountable) is still in of itself a sound one. When they create media hoaxes like Waco, it is to make us lose all confidence in the idea of government, at which point a new chaos would emerge and the whole process of creating a new order would be required. This is a perfect recipe for rebuilding, and who do you think will be around to help this new rebuilding of the “perfect” government? What model would they use? The possibilities are endless, but order out of chaos areas like Iraq would be a good clue on what could emerge.

English: Fire ball from exploding propane tank.

English: Fire ball from exploding propane tank. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Could exposing the Waco Siege be more important or a better foundation to all media faked events than even exposing 9/11?



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